2nd Mate Unlimited to 1600 Ton Master

As a 2nd mate I see you can get your 1600 ton by taking a test. Has anyone done this? Any advice?

This has been covered multiple times, use the search function …

Glad I registered for this wonderfully easy to search forum with helpful members.

Study stability and ships business, deck safety and general. Get familiar with using CFRs. It is a 70 question supplemental exam. I found over 20 answers in the CFRs .if you hunker down and look for them. Good Luck

It does get old answering the same questions repeatedly…
I used the key words “2nd Mate to Master” and got pages of hits…

Thanks for the info. I heard mixed things about the 70 question test. Gotta get that 1600 ton for a raise.

Get an account on Lapware.org and you can look at all the questions and do practice tests. The module number is 011x1 its a pain in the ass 70 question test but the question bank contains 7-8 thousand questions. Im taking mine this upcoming thursday so we shall say. Good luck

Thanks and good luck to yourself! One of my buddies took it without studying figuring it would be a piece of cake and failed. He said he didn’t fail by much, said if he had studied just a little but he would have passed.

I haven’t set a test date yet but I’m able to take it. I’m going to study lap ware as well. My old roommate did the lap ware for about a month and said it was more than enough.

What do you need to study? I looked at an old post and someone said it’s module 011x1 and it’s a mixture of Deck General, Nav General, and Deck Safety. Is this right? And how many questions is it? I’ve heard 35 and 70, not sure which one is right.

Disregard last post, didn’t read ones before it. Been a long watch, sorry FNG.