2nd Mate Unlimited JDPO $750.00 a day

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<TD class=ReadMsgSubject colSpan=2>Got this in my email in case someone is interested, I am, but no DPO:<br><br>2nd Mate Unlimited JDPO $750.00 a day…?</TD></TR>
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<TD><span id=PresenceContainer><strong>James Boever</strong> (mailer@maritimeemployment.com)</span></TD></TR>
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<TD>Wednesday, October 08, 2008 2:14:21 PM</TD></TR>
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<TD>MaritimeEmployment Subscribers (jlboever@maritimeemployment.com)</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
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<DIV class=“ExternalClass PlainTextMessageBody” id=MsgContainer><PRE>Working a 2 year old Subsewa Vessel in the GOM 28/28.<br>Call me James @936.495.6001<br> <br>Thank You<br>James Boever<br></PRE></DIV></DIV>

I got one from the same guy, same number that said "AB needed, for 14 days on a dive support vessel in the GOM, start tommorow, $400 per day. Do not reply to this email"
Sounds fishy to me, but you never know. There is a website by that name.

I am presently working on a job I got through James and his maritimeemployment.com website. If you’re interested, you should call.

Great news, I’m sure there are a few AB’s out there who wouldn’t mind working for 400 a day.

It’s from a ligit source, that’s not an issue - I was just passing it on for those that might be qualified and interested.

Never mind. I originally posted that I thought JDPO meant trainee but I guess I’m wrong.

a JDPO is often a mate who has had the induction and likely the simulator DP courses but does not yet have the full 6 months of DP time to get the certificate.

btw, that is a very good job on a very good ship…I’ll say no more