196 ton sea service close enough to 200 ton?


I know the CFRs say all the sea time for 3/M Unlimited must be on vessels greater than 200 GRT. My question is do the evaluators cut any slack for service on vessels that are within a few tons?

Likewise re the AB Limited requirement for service on vessels greater than 100 ton, will the evaluators allow time on a 99 ton vessel?

Given that the USCG has permitted admeasurement of some pretty large vessels to come in at 99 GRT ton…

Again, I know what the CFRs say, I’m asking here if the evaluators cut any slack on these specific requirements.



Nope, [I]definitely [/I]no slack from them. You will be eligible for a Limited 3M if you have at least 180 days sailing as AB.


Nope, you’re out of luck and welcome to the fun and games with tonnage. Ain’t it grand?


Sorry, they are extremely strict. However, did the vessel you were on operate internationally and was it manned under its ITC tonnage? If so, you could use that tonnage while on those international routes.