16 year old Mariner

I am 16 years old and have my MMC and TWIC, is there any companies that will hire me at 16?


Try these guys: (Click link to view full list)


Good for you man…if I was hiring, I’d definitely take a look at you just based on the initiative you’ve already shown. If you can afford it, I’d try to take basic training (BT) as I think that would make you more marketable. Good luck!

Great job getting your paperwork in order! You’d be surprised with all the people who had great difficulty doing what you did already.

What part of the country are you located? I ask because it will likely be smaller, family owned companies who give you a shot. They might get you to work around the office, warehouse or shop for a few days to see how you carry yourself. If you give your region people on the forum will have a better idea where to direct you.

If you want to go with a tug or pushboat company start watching YouTube videos about cooking. Or maybe read @CookingatSea threads for advice? It might be too much of a liability to have you jumping around on barges but a good family operation might let you cook & clean a little on board first to get your feet wet. So if you do an interview tell them you like the idea of cooking & cleaning & willing to do any job they have available.

Good luck.

BTW, I take it as an “obvious” you mean during summer & other school breaks.

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Try commercial fishing. Go to your local marine store see if they know anybody who needs help. Go walk the docks ask around. Guys would be glad to hire someone who’s a hard worker and not a heroin addict. Haul a few days of 20 trap trawls then the rest of the marine industry is like a vacation.

I also have a youtube channel


This is all good advice, Especially the cooking. But ignore that outdated list of oil patch companies.

I highly recommend commercial fishing in Alaska.


Email me your information to cookingatsea@outlook.com. I will forward your information to a guy who salmon trolls the west coast in the summer if youre interested.