What were your top 3 runs ashore?


great minds think alike…

Good beer is good beer…that being said I’m not a huge fan of psycho-over-hopped American microbrews…at some point its just dick measuring to see who can drink the $&ittiest tasting beer…that being said I still like American products. Victory brewing (golden monkey!) is a favorite, along with nearly all Shiner products(Bock, white wing, redbird, black lager, Christmas cheer each winter). I generally like brands that bave been in the game for a few decades to figure things out.

Also I drink cheap ass American lagers on the beach and when doing ranch work…Natty Light, Coors Light, and oh yeah LONE STAR!!!

Most traditional Euro brands and styles are well balanced and taste damn good…


Now THAT I agree with - Double/Triple IPA’s everywhere and you are only cool if you drink those. Fortunately Colorado SEEMS to have moved beyond that (but they still have the beers for the hop fanatics) and have moved on to wonderful sours and a lot of good stouts and porters. So many good things to drink in the world I gotta try the ones you listed!


No Beer just points of interest.

  1. Dulac, La …because it’s Dulac.
  2. Cameron, La … the place to be.
  3. Intracoastal City, La …there’s so much to do.


There are way to many good brews to post but cheap beers I can do:

1: schlitz grenades - gone but not forgotten
2: schaefer - I thought it tasted ok and no one else would touch it… so there was always one left in the fridge after having freinds over :wink:
3: anything but Coors Banquet Beer (aka the worst beer ever)


But to try this back to the OP… my three favorite beer ports were:

  1. Dublin
  2. Hamburg
  3. San Francisco
    3b) Yokohama


I’m a classy gal, and I love a sour belgian.

However, I’m not so classy that I’ll pass up an opportunity to defend Coors Banquet. At the risk of colouring the way y’all think of me: Coors Banquet is the best beer to pair with cheerios when its warm and flat. I’m just saying… that if you’re in the back country, and you’re with someone who doesn’t mind a little weight in their pack (men are so great, btw), and you don’t like powdered milk (who does?)… then there’s a place in your life for Coors Banquet.


Duvel is a true favorite especially if poured by a true belgian bartender. The best beer I’ve ever had - and I only ever had it once - flown in weekly from Belgium to a fancy spot in Manhattan and was served with a book that told the story of its making. I can’t remember the name but it was worth every penny of the $75 a bottle price (and that was 25 years ago’s price!).

But, sorry, I’d rather piss on my cheerios.


My top three… lately

  1. Rothaus Pilsner
  2. Founders Breakfast Stout
  3. anything from Avery Brewing (namely Ellie’s Brown Ale or their IPA)


I might have to unsubscribe to this thread. Its 112 degrees 'Merican in the ER, the deck plates are too hot to kneel on, all we have on board is Heinekin and Corona, and I’m pretty sure we wont get liberty in a MarSec 2 port.

So thirsty.


Avery is one of my most favorite places in the world. Maybe try Paradox Sours - they are super yummy!

  1. Tucher Hefeweizen
  2. Shiner Blonde
  3. Pretty much any Belgian lambic

I drank a lot of Jever when I was in Hamburg, and a lot of Tsingtao when I was in Beijing, no regrets, at least not for the beer.


Cheaper and a whole lot better.


Is that the same avery that makes white rascal?


Amen!! The home brew guys were bitching about how there was a shortage of hops. It all went to shitty microbrews trying to out hop each other. I get all kinds of excited when I find a brewer that’s not following that trend. That being said, I do like a GOOD IPA when I can find one.

Has anyone mentioned Old Rasputin yet? The mere mention of Duvel brought tears of joy to my eyes. But I still love Chimay for when I’m feeling fancy. Oh and Leinenkugel or Shiner products usually have a spot in my fridge.

About the only beers I actively dodge are the aforementioned hoppy beers, Hefeweizens, and most of the Sam Adams line (I know, I’m a pinko commie for that, just don’t care for them though).


Yessir. They make great beer. For porters my favorites are Fullers London Porter and General Washington’s Porter (Yards Brewing out of Philly).


A few Tsingtao’s are a must with some good Chinese Cuisine. Using chop sticks are no problem, it’s all part of the fun. It looks like we have a few beer Connoisseurs.


A few Tsingtao’s are a must with some good Chinese Cuisine.

For the authentic Chinese working-man experience, spike it with some Baijiu. The taste won’t be improved, but it’ll get you drunker quicker. The taste of Baijiu by itself is somewhere between paint thinner and Ouzo.


I’m sensing you’re a Canuck, so I’ll torture you a little here @Emrobu since I’m on an American ship (sans Corona and Heineken) and you have beer that I do not… should we add Molson and Lebatt to the list? :wink:


Steamwhistle, Alexander Keith’s and Lakeport when I’m in Canada


It is!