What were your top 3 runs ashore?


How dare you besmirch the National beer of Texas… but I agree. Dunked my ring in Lone Star and still can’t even look at a bottle of it. :nauseated_face:

I will drink PBR happily though, course I grew up stealing sips of Shlitz beer from my dad, so that may account for my lack of taste.


But Texas also gave us Shiner Bock! Which redeemed the State’s beer making prowess!


Oh holy cow you are so right I saw them serving $8 PBR’s in Aspen. All the young rich people wearing flannel and drinking PBR. I didn’t know what to do!


during winter I love ales, porters, lambics and such. thanksgiving dinner in a bottle!

For sure. I like to chew through a Delirium Tremens. It may not be cheap, but you only need one. You’ll sleep through any flight, ahgaronti. Only use as directed.


I loves me a porter!


Grew up stealing sips of Strohs from mine , still drink PBR as well . Guinness when it’s on sale


Mmmmmm lambics… we’ve got a microbrew (yes I know… don’t start with me though. Lol) in Arkansas that does lambics from time to time, and have an incredible toasted coconut ale… seriously, its pretty damn great in the summer.


Andersen Valley Blood Orange Gose
Unibroue La Fin du Monde
Schneider Aventinus (warning liquid crack!)


This guy knows how to drink beers. La Fin du Monde. Oh baby, take me to port.


There was the old stand by in high school - Mickey’s Wide Mouths - don’t know if that qualifies as beer though? May not be that good but have some good memories drinking that stuff.


Oh, he had me at Gose.

I just learned about them in the last year and man I’m hooked now. Awesome after working in the yard all day. Have yet to have one I don’t like.



Gose to quench thirst on summer days and just to forget about all the garbage microbrews being made now. Throw a good Berliner Weisse in the mix too…

Golden Ales like La Fin to savor and get in a good mood.

Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock to obliterate your mind and party like an animal all damn night long! :laughing:


Also, Duchesse De Bourgogne. Superlative Flemish red sour ale!


Kinda like
Riptide Amber

Always liked PBR also


Back in the 80’s it was Red Hook


Malt duck when’s moneys tight , but hey they don’t make it anymore ,


I do love beer. My Avatar is an American Pale Ale by ScuttleButt Brewing company its ABV is 7.1 % Had one of these last night. I also like German wheat style beers.


I can get Busch light for $5.99 a twelve pack at the local grocery store. That’s a pretty good price, its been on sale for the last year or so. ABV - 4.10% - I frequently purchase it.

P.S. I had a great time in Port Everglades many years ago.


Hop Stupid is a great combination of hoppy IPA and darker beer.


Belgian ales all day long! Are you sure we weren’t separated at birth?

I’d also add anything made by Omnipollo. Gypsy brewers from Sweden.