What were your top 3 runs ashore?


If you want something that will blow the top of your head off try their Mephastophales Imperial stout. I think they finished it in a bourbon barrel. There’s a lot going on there but it’s goooooooddddd.


ABV - 14.60% Imperial stout - it won’t take much. Another Avery product. I think it might be discontinued? This is a real smooth tasty beer.


Ok Mr I can use google… you’re busted this time…


Not really. I like beer advocate for my info. I have purchased a 6. From what I see they are only available by trade now.


I actually really like strong hoppy beers.


I’m sensing you’re a Canuck, so I’ll torture you a little here @Emrobu since I’m on an American ship (sans Corona and Heineken) and you have beer that I do not… should we add Molson and Lebatt to the list? :wink:

No. I don’t really think you should, @jbtam99 . Go take a wander around Vancouver’s East Village breweries, and pick up a few other Vancouver gems from the Prinnie’s beer and wine store on Powell and Victoria to go. Then you can stop mentioning Coors Original (Lebatt) and Molson Love in a Canoe. In particular, may I direct your attention to Powell Street Brewerie’s Ode to Citrus.


Fair enough… last time I was in BC was way too long ago… but it was St. Patrick’s day, so the pubs were… how shall we say, “an adventure” for a young single American sailor. So much tasty… (considering your previous reply about a hero of canton, I shouldn’t have to finish that sentence). Now I’m gray and grumpy and could use a cold beer of any sort.


Oh I don’t think they would ever discontinue that one! They just brew it in smaller batches. Check their web site from time to time. I have to kind of psych myself up to drink that one! But sheesh it’s good!



A very good Bitter from the land of Als:

And it’s even better sidekick:

The only problem with either is the high price in the land of the midnight sun.


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