Trump Vows North Korea Threat Will Be Met With ‘Fire and Fury’


Actually I would. I know you and a few others will despise him no matter what but he has probably the best possible adviser on the face of the earth in these sort of affairs in General/SecDef Mattis. Mattis himself has said while the US military will be ready to face any threats he is also hopeful diplomacy will settle things down. 20+ years of appeasement from 3 different administrations has brought us to this point, Trump happens to be the man on the mound at this point.

Besides how do you know there isn’t a carrier strike group or two in the area already? Ballistic subs? An ABM Aegis destroyer squadron?


because the entire planet including the North Koreans know where each and every one is at any given moment of the day such as right here

pardon me if I am wrong but to rain fire and fury or shock and awe upon that PHAT PHUCKING PUNK Kim, I would want three carrier groups right there off the coast ready to lauch airstrikes. Yes, the Air Force has planes in ROK, Japan, Okinawa and Guam as well as other places but nothing intimidates more that carriers sitting right there at the ready. Besides, carrier airstrikes come from close range so there is much less warning time to ready antiair radar and missiles.

regarding other naval assets, they have their weapons load to shoot and then have to disengage to go replenish. again, not highly intimidating once you get your defenses up. The whole idea would be to destroy all of those in the opening hours leaving North Korea naked and vulnerable. Don’t you understand tactical warfare at all?


So you have complete faith that a cartoon map put out by the US government for all the world to see shows precisely where all our warships are located at all times?


Kinda hard to hide our carriers from the eyes of everyone in the world unless you have a few full sized inflatable ones like the tanks making up Patton’s fantome army during WWII.

Then again the way Drupft makes wind he could singlehandedly blow up them all…


I don’t suppose too many here recall the time a few months ago when Drupft was saying he was sending a carrier battlegroup to the waters off North Korea when it was immediately debunked as nonsense sunce the carrier and its escorts were seen by many in the South China Sea steaming AWAY!

Maybe that one was a phoney inflatable carrier too?


We don’t need to offer them easy targets like floating airports off their beaches. We have boomers that can turn their miserable excuse of a country with its goose-stepping zombie army into a parking lot quicker than bubble boy can swallow his breakfast plate of sugar donuts.


Yeah. The Bush is still off Syria though. I can vouch for that from personal observation.


Its a bunch of hot air, I think. Fat man Kim and his lackeys like being in power, eating, drinking, driving foreign cars and enjoying fine hookers. They’re not hard men, and they enjoy their soft lifestyle. They dont want to explode in the middle of the night for party ideals and all. It’ll blow over.


Do you know this for a fact, or is it wishful thinking?? (Alternative facts maybe??)

What about the guy who supposedly make the decisions on the other side, doesn’t he fit that same description?


Yeh, they do.

And yeh, he does.


Yup they do this from time to time, and they are also testing out our new president to see how he will react.

Their nuclear program needs to be stopped somehow, however. Even if they never launch a Missle who is to say they won’t sell one to some terror group?


One Second After, by John Matherson.


Because there haven’t been any collisions reported recently.


Oh man that’s low!!!

But true.


You spent an entire thread bitching and moaning about smokers on cruise ships, the butt hurt is strong with you too.


says the happy coolaid drinker…

is it simply not amazing the similarities between these two adversaries…most notably, how they are beloved by their own cult but loathed by all others!


All those others are the vast majority of the Earth’s population.

The only people more pathetic than the Supreme Cheeto are his adoring worshippers … they are truly a lost tribe of fools.


Hail Dear Leader…Dong Jong Cheeto

Has any American President been derided so? Well maybe Dub…


Shrub was a world class statesman compared to the Supreme Cheeto.

My God, this nation has fallen so far so quickly. Thank you Congress, the Supreme Court, and legalized campaign bribery.


I feel this is appropriate for this thread and will hopefully distract y’all from politics.