Trump Vows North Korea Threat Will Be Met With ‘Fire and Fury’


agreed, China owns North Korea and the REST OF THE WORLD needs to tell China ENOUGH WITH THIS PUNK! Sit on him or we will close you off to our markets. Sanctions on North Korea are ineffective but sanctions on China will hurt. China needs to be taught that since it is now a global power they must exercise that power for the benefit of the rest of the globe or they too will be held as responsible for this ugly mess. Except how to pass global sanctions on China in the UN with China having a veto in the security council? May have to happen out of the UN which makes it harder to enforce. Also, Europe isn’t threatened by NK like the Asian nations. Would Europe themselves get aboard the sanction train?

of course, China holds trillions in US debt so if we take a very hard line with China, all they have to do is dump their US dollar holdings to cause our currency to collapse in the world market. This is why the US no longer has any real global power anymore. When you owe so much to so many, you are really a very toothless tiger.


I’m not sure that China “owns” North Korea, or can control the behaviour of the Kim regime. Yes, they can shut down fuel and food supply to an extent, but that would only make for more suffering for the ordinary people and make the elite more desperate and accident prone.

You have a point that the Europeans and Russians would probably not agree to any sanctions against China, which would have been futile in any case, nor will they sanction any military action against North Korea before all other options have been exhausted, or an actual attack on South Korea take place. Sable rattling and war of words by both sides will not change that.

You are also right that if US should impose unilateral sanctions against China, it would be totally ineffective. For one thing there is little if anything US produce that China really needs, cannot obtain somewhere else, or produce themselves.

The other way around is a different matter. Where would US get it’s refined Rear Earth minerals from, needed to produce the electronics it needs to keep it’s military supplied with the latest and best of weapon systems. (Never mind sneakers etc.)

Your point about the Chinese holding trillions of dollars in US debt is also well worth considering.

CNN has a time line about what actually transpired to create the two Korea’s and some facts about the Korean War, which is interesting to refresh memories:

It is worth remembering that nothing was really accomplished by the Korean War and the nearly 2 Mill. people killed by the fighting and starvation. It ended with an Armistice Agreement not a Pace Treaty, on 27. July, 1953, with the dividing line at exactly the same place as before the war:

That is still the case and any renewed fighting will not change that, only formal discussions involving all involved parties and the UN and without preconditions can solve this problem. Veiled threats by either side is not going to get anywhere, except maybe to WAR!!!


The US is China’s largest single market. If we boycotted everything from China we would bankrupt them.


The key words in your statement is; “Single Market”.

If you look at EU as a single market, as it is, it is a much larger market for Chinese export than USA and China’s largest trading partner.

China’s export to USA is 18.3% of total. Asian countries are not “single markets”, but together they answer for nearly half of China’s export.(49.8%)

Besides, where are you going to get your IPhones from??


Dont iPhones come from Taiwan?


The rare earth minerals used to make them don’t.


Well…we’d best find us some right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Can’t tell me we don’t have even a lick of em and FUCK IT if it is a matter of cost to produce the stuff. Us Murikans betterget used to paying more to protect vital industries like shipping and shipbuilding. This race to the liwest cost and highest profit is what is unravelling our economic strength.


All you ever wanted to know about the making of IPhone, IPad, MAC and other Apple products are here:

What I would like to know is; where is that missing part of the Apple gone to??


There are rear earth minerals aplenty in the US, but not much facilities to refine it.


Yep, but we don’t mine them and to get the process started will take years if not decades.


We built the Arsenal of Democracy, sent men to the moon and won the Cold War so you telling me the US could not develop mining and processing of these rare earth minetals in less than ten years evwn if our economic survival was at stake?



You already are, through subsidies and additional cost on preferential cargos, not to mention a whole lot of over priced warships.
Just wait until you have to pay the cost of producing all the stuff you now get cheap from China at home.

Don’t forget the highest return to shear holders and remuneration for CEOs and Upper Management.


Here is some info that may explains why it is not done in the USA (or in Europe) to any large extent:

And this:


The Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor folks and the rare earths folks would both love it if Thorium could be reclassified as a lower level of nuclear material, which would go a long way toward making rare earths mining more profitable in the US.


If Trump starts a trade war with China, maybe Apple should consider changing their logo to this:


That’s the part that turned to shit a long time ago.


Today’s threats from the supreme slob about launching 4 missiles to land near Guam should scare the crap out of those defense contractors who are getting rich selling anti missile systems to the DoD. If they don’t work as advertised there will be a whole bunch of red faced con artists in and out of uniform.


I guess, but it won’t be cheap and I’m sure the litigation will take years. I doubt it would ever come to it though. I’m sure this will peter out. If there’s any shooting it won’t be much and the result will be a refugee crisis in China and ROK. I would imagine the PLA would invade and install a friendly regime, as an unfriendly Korea on their border is a foreign policy red line.

These policy issues are all interconnected. You can’t expect the Chinese to step in with the DPRK while we are performing freedom of navigation patrols in the South China Sea or opposing the AIIB, however you feel them.


well the big bad wolf is huffing and puffing but ain’t doing shit…

if these words of massive retaliation where genuine then there would be at least three carrier battle groups enroute to the waters off North Korea and that ain’t happening so lots of hot gas being expelled but little else, but not saying this is a bad thing when you consider who our own Dear Leader is. Would anyone anywhere want HIM to be the CINC during a nasty unpredictable war?