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More on the RRM sale to Kongsberg from the local paper smp.no:

The question of whether Kongsberg Group will move their HQ for maritime activities to Aalesund is also being hotly debated:


Wartsila missed that one
goodbye RR DP systems?

Kongsberg can now compete against Wartsila in the bow to rudder business ( complete ship)


Yes Wartsila lost out here and not many in RRM are unhappy with that.They were seen as more likely to pull part of RRM out of Norway, or towards their present operations in the Bergen area.
Wartsila already have s ship design division in Bergen (ex Vik & Sandvik) and the Wichmann engine manufacturing near Bergen.
The have their own trusters manufacturing facilities and are now heavily into automation and autonomous systems, in direct competition with both RRM and Kongsberg.

As to the RRM DP System, I’m not sure. What little I know about the system is that those I have talked to that had the DP system on board was very pleased and found it easy to understand the functions and easy to operate.

The Union boss at RRM Automation at Longva is quoted as saying;


It’s the Gameboy in terms of DP. Good for PSV but not much more. If you are going to learn a DP system Kongsberg is better, when you have learned Kongsberg everything else is easy.


The old L3 NMS6000 is the easiest DP to learn and use by far
Yes the RRM DP is full of unnecessary bling features


How much of RRM did KM get, looks like they just wanted to drop the stuff in Norway rather than sack a few thousand?


Rolls-Royce Marine (Commercial) is mainly situated in Norway. Their HQ is here in Aalesund, with most of their R&D. Production is mainly in Ulsteinvik and around in Sunnmore (The Norwegian Maritime Cluster)

The sale also include the operations in Finland (R&D, Automation and Deck machinery) in Sweden (KaMeWa) and sales and service in 34 countries around the world. (Total 3600 employees)

Both UT designs in Ulsteinvik and NVC in Aalesund are part of the sale.
PS> Kongsberg will probably keep the names, just like RRM has done.

Bergen Engines, MTU and the Naval part of RRM is not included.

The sale will probably not be finalised before early next year, since it has to be approved by the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) and sundry anti-competition authorities around the world;


it looked a bit like a Norwegian gov gift to a few underutilized workers, lets hope the economy picks up to make use of them.


There are lot more involved than a few underutilised workers. RRM is a cornerstone in the Maritime Cluster in and around Aalesund and a major force in the development of marine technology and equipment for the ships of the future.

If this major player had been sold off to some speculators from City or Wall Street and broken up to “maximise profit for shareholders” the momentum would have been lost.
Even a sale to Wartsila could have resulted in all or part of the R&D activity on RRM moving to Finland and be lost to the Maritime Cluster here.


Norway is gambling on hydrogen as clean fuel for use in the heritage fjords:

The facts are a bit distorted. There are already a fully electric excursion boat in Naeroyfjorden, the Vision of the fjords. A similar one for the Geirangerfjord has been built and is presently also in Naeroyfjorden:

Meanwhile, two old car ferries are used in the Geirangerfjord:

There are plans to produce hydrogen from existing small hydro electric power stations locally in the fjords to supply both ferries, buses, trucks and cars in the near future. Problem is that there are no users at the moment.


Wait, wut? You mean I wasted all those matches?