What. Crew did they have

The way this reads is no crew were aboard yet we know that is not possible.
So is this an attempt to reduce staffing levels?

AI ships have no human crew aboard, as an AI ship is controlled from shore or from the cloud. When an AI ship arrives at a port, a non-AI port crew in the water climbs on it to assist with the moorings fwd/aft, etc. hoping lines and winches are there, bla, bla, bla. AI ships cannot do simple things like running winches and handling lines. As there is no Master aboard on the AI ship, nobody is responsible for anything. Like USN!

Is that how YOUR AI ships operates??


not much of a feat navigating anywhere anymore with the exceptions of confined waters, difficult sea conditions and such.
I suppose eventually ‘crew’ will board for docking purposes but a ship alone, 2,000 miles from shore and NO ONE aboard … i think that’s a ways out yet.

No need for that, auto-docking systems already exists and are in use:

Forget about mooring lines:

Automated shore connection is old hat:

I have been saying it for years. We are merely overhead. They have to feed, house, partially clothe us and pay for our insurance. That’s the biggest reason they want AI ships. lack of crew operating expences.


It’s only a matter of time, and pilots will be the first to go…

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Not to disagree, but doubtful.

My hope after initially reading the article was that these ships would not be like when I was a kid. I built little wood boats and sailed them down a rain filled gutter hoping to get them before they went down a drain.
Engine failure, damage control and weapon systems can only be handled by live red blooded sailors with a ship under control by competent bridge staff.


Pilots as in ship pilots or airplanes?

Auto-docking is an extension of DP. We already have joystick boats where you just point the joystick where you want to go and the DP does the rest, I can’t imagine that tech won’t migrate back up to ships.

A nasty thought - unmanned ships, trucks, and/or airplanes are a terrorist’s dream :fearful:

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Airplane pilots already have been replaced apparently:
The doll is only so that if anybody look into the cockpit window while boarding they feel reassured.

What are they going to do with the ships if they get on board? Since there are no manual control functions they can use they are at most able to disable the ship.

We all float out here Georgie.

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You eliminate the crew, who’w going to schlep the pilot’s bag to the bridge?

They have backpacks. Who are they gonna give guidance to in this hypothetical situation? Only nails them closer to the situation.

Engine failure, damage control and weapon systems can only be handled by live red blooded sailors with a ship under control by competent bridge staff.`

On modern Navy ships? Are you sure about that?

I’m not saying DC, engine failure doesn’t happen on USN ships, but I missed where current Sailors are equipped to deal with those events.


First off the ships will have manual controls of some kind, but that wasn’t what I meant. Why get onboard when you can hire some Russian hackers to get you control from your iPhone?

I worked on some of the most advanced DP3 vessels in the world. I’ve conducted blackout recovery drills/tests with ABS where the vessel would be on DP with some or half of its generators/thrusters on-line. We would throw the main breakers open to black out the ship & start to drift off location. Within 90 seconds the previous offline generators & thrusters would be back on line & we would be back on station without a human touching a thing. But I’m not scared about job security because those were the most maintenance required vessels I ever worked on. Things were always burning up, going dead & developing mysterious problems that had to be fixed.

No matter how fancy the computers are in the electronics room the Racor & other fuel filtering devices in the engine room always seem the same to me. Until they create a robot to change, clean & troubleshoot filters, centrifuges & purifiers engineers will be on seagoing vessels.

Just 2 weird things that happened to me the last time I was at work. (1) A fairly new jacket water heater on an offline generator caught fire & was luckily caught by an attentive crewmember. (2) The seat on a centrifuges 3-way valve went bad & it could of ended in catastrophe if it wasn’t remedied by the engineering team asap.

Until we get some of those Asimov type robots we’ll have jobs.