Future of ships


RRM and AXA to team up on the future of ships and shipping:


Wilhelmsen is true believers in the future of ships and shipping and they put their money where their mouth is:


The Yara Birkeland will not only be the first autonomous container ship in commercial service, she will also be the first to be loaded and discharged by fully automated cranes and supply vehicles:


Following the the thread of this conversation there are many who spent as many years at sea as I did. For the record the last ship I sailed as Chief Mate without any satellite navigation and two fishing boat radars was a 50,000 Dwt Norwegian bulk carrier in the early 70’s. The accomodation was first class and the ship was very well laid out. The whole operation of the vessel required properly trained engineers and mates and traded in areas of the world where shore support was impossible. These areas still exist and while electronics, instant satellite communications and improvements in automation and engine reliability have allowed crew with less academic training and cheaper costs to man ships these trading areas continue to exist.
We don’t have another dimension like aviation where drones, paragliding, gliding, light aircraft and commercial aircraft can exist safely with rules. The family of 5 out for an evening sail, the party boat, the tug and tow and the autonomous ship. Beam me up Scotty!!!