Foss Mate's


[QUOTE=Sharknado;159387]And which companies would have the best reputations?[/QUOTE]

That’s easy: Western Towboat.


If you want to work 250 days a year, spring to fall. But very nice tugs I hear. Where as Crowely, Foss, and Sause Bros. and a few others are equal time.


I’m looking at the requirements for folks to upgrade their licenses (1600t), whether from NC to OC or Mate to Master and wondering how somebody at Western is able to fulfill the requirements considering all the vessels are under 100t. it sounds like getting the sea time will not be a problem…


Any east coast guys transferred over to foss?


If you find out anything let me know.

An engineer I used to work with just got hired by Harley on the west coast and nearly doubled his pay to work on a brand new ATB.


We actually avg around 180-200 days a year with schedules now :slight_smile:


We have a few tugs over 100GT which we rotate crew on to gain tonnage time, also you can include a small % of the tonnage of the barge now for upgrades.