Deflating DaBugge's bloated ego


you really are much too obtuse to ever understand…aren’t you?


I would like ombugge to be equal opportunity. Where the hell was he when we needed help, such as the lifeboat used a rescue boat shitstorm?


Thanks again. To be equated with The Philosopher is too much, but thanks anyway.


I don’t think help was needed. There were enough bullets being fired at the WAFI without my contribution. I did read all and “liked” some of the posts though.


Man, be careful what you wish for. You think we’re underexposed to him?


Let them Norwegians live in peace. There are a lot of other things to fight for…


Who say we don’t have “freedom” in Norway? Hunting season for deers, elk, reindeers and all kinds of small game is on us and the hunters are stocking up.
Here from a gun shop with a good collection of hunting weapons on display:

No semi-automatic or pistols on display though.


Did they wear out all their rifles from last year? :wink:


Maybe not in one year, but hunters likely feel they need (or just WANT) a new and better weapon from time to time?

Others may be like my oldest son, who has newly completed the mandatory hunter training course and got is hunter’s license.
He even had to go through a weapon handling and safety course, although he has been a professional soldier for over 15 years. He is even a trained sniper.


My uncle was the only serious hunter in the family. I think he had a 30.06, a 30-30, and some sort of varmint gun; plus a shotgun or two. I grew up with a Quackenbush folding .22, a 12-ga BSA double, and a Burnside breech-loading carbine from the Civil War that nobody in my generation ever fired. Handsome piece, well regarded by the people that carried it.


Meh. This is what freedom looks like.


I respect a place that stacks their AR’s from match grade barrels down to SBR’s.


I prefer our kind of freedom.


That’s shameful my wife has a bigger and better selection of guns than that.



I have a Dutch friend who jokingly says he wants to open a store in the US that would cater to the 3 basics of American life. He would call it BEER GAS AND GUNS.


Unqualified statement as you’ve never had the right (freedom) to bear arms. You’re a Globalist European, so your preference is no surprise.


I have had and still HAVE the freedom to NOT carry a gun. I much prefer that to having to curry a gun to protect myself from lunatics WITH guns.


I hear that throwing Frikadeller meat balls is quite effective at scaring away lunatics with heavy caliber weapons.


Maybe as effective as any other methods. A better method is having no lunatic with weapons.
Before you mention Breivik; he is in jail and a “one-off”. How many have you had so far this year??


Another unqualified statement as you’ve never had the right to carry or bear a weapon. You don’t have the freedom to not carry/bear but are simply not allowed to carry so there is no exercise of freedom whatsoever. It’s like saying you prefer to live in a high rise apartment as opposed to a sailboat when you’ve lived in/on neither. Just saying…

Not sure how you would defend yourself against a lunatic with a gun. I know how I would. Just saying…