Deflating DaBugge's bloated ego


Certainly there must be SOME way…but how? So far nothing has worked even partially!


it’s the language barrier. because norway is so far ahead of americans in the classroom, his english is better than ours. downside to that is the comprehension is lacking, making him impenetrable.


My sides…


This is stupid.

  1. Its always useful to attempt to understand what people who aren’t you think about you and your situation. Ombugge’s views have value, not because you agree with them, but because you don’t. Engage or don’t, but find a way to be grateful that there are people with dissimilar viewpoints. I don’t know much about navigation, but when I go upstairs it looks as though they have several different, independent instruments and a panoramic bank of… I don’t know what you call them: they’re like walls except transparent and you can see all the way into spaces that aren’t on the vessel. Sometimes you can even see /other/ ships and land-masses. It’s incredible. There must be a term for that.

  2. He tells excellent stories. Lore-passing is highly traditional and valuable to mariners.


The problem isn’t the message, it’s the delivery.
I personally don’t find much offense, but some do. Just an observation.


He’s bored. Enjoys poking the hornet nest. It happens… :slight_smile:


Scooter / c.captain is jealous of Ombugge’s superior wisdom.


“Scooter” is a disparaging term . Name calling is childish
C. Captain is a curmudgeon as is Ombugge. Most recognize this and consider them as eccentrics with a lot of experience that every once in awhile drops some wisdom on us so we tolerate them. Most of us can separate the wisdom from the BS, those that can’t? Well, they are just dumb-asses.


ombugge is norway’s tactful answer to usa’s c captain.


Talking about egos, there are boatloads of egos on this forum. At least he is keeping the forum alive.
I enjoy reading y’alls frustration and his, sometimes crooked, answers. If it bothers y’all don’t step in it.
It’s the same story with that Heiwa guy, even though I would not compare him with Ombugge.
Cheers and see the bright side of life, we need it with our fearless leader!


I’d look for suggestions to deflate you but no need, the job’s already done


yeah I wouldn’t either, not even the same league.

ombugge, lile c captain, both have their own styles of diplomacy…or lack thereof. both are professional mariners who have forgotten more than a lot of us know and contribute to this forum in ways i am not capable, and I appreciate thier input here.

heiwa was a fucked up virus like that dougsabbag guy.



There-there, Offended People on the Internet, there-there.

(not you, Ctony. I know you aren’t one)


Don’t pay Humbugge any mind. If it wasn’t for the US, he would be speaking German, or maybe Japanese. Instead of being grateful for the US saving his country’s ass, he subscribes to the elitist Euro train of thought that Americans are a vulgar lower form of life who got lucky and became the Rome of modern times. He does make some good points occasionally because we sure as hell have been going downhill and there is nothing wrong with criticism, but his in-your-face amped up approach denigrating all things US compared with Danish “superiority” does get tiresome. He obviously has extensive experience as a mariner and is obviously no dummy so let him poke. Maybe his incessant criticism is the utmost display of admiration and envy.


You are sky high on yourself, that’s for sure.


History shows that if it weren’t for Russia the US allies would likely have never defeated Germany as 2/3rds of the German forces were tied up trying to defeat Russia leaving only 1/3 for the USA and their immediate allies to overcome on D-day and beyond. So while you pat yourself on the back, tell Russia thank you for making it possible.


Thank you Russia but rapprochement has been illusive.
PS Not to mention Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and many others including Danes.


:grinning: True but Putin and Trump seem to be making a go of it. There’s some love going on there. :slight_smile:


I blame the cultural barrier. Ombugge has no excuse after a lifetime in foreign trade, so I’m sure he just does not care that a lot of Americans are Snowflakes that needs to be handled with delicate care.


Ombugge is a good man. Extremely knowledgeable. Usually right about a lot of things.

However, He is a product of his environment(s)— a Norwegian left wing socialist government, and Singapore (well I’m not ready to try to describe it). I think he has encountered too many “ugly Americans”, and he does have an anti-American streak that sometimes gets the best of him. Many foreigners have that.