Deflating DaBugge's bloated ego


where the FUCK have you been man? Well, doesn’t matter now that you’re here…

now sick 'em boy!


better late than never.


Peanut butter, WW2, Germans, Norwegians, head sizes, and ice cream. This is like jumping in an Uber and saying take me anywhere that’s irrelevant.


briefly splitting hairs over the builders of old mud boats too don’t forget.

It’s almost like seinfeld…a sitcom about absolutely nothing.

We did learn one thing from this trivial nonsense. We need a sub forum added here called ‘Mariners who debate over history.’


That’s an odd thing for the Ambassador from Norway to say


Hey now! We make a big splash on this forum, and we are only two. To be fair, Ombugge make like 99,9% of the wave, but what the hell.


Not only that read history, that read the SAME history.
Apparently there is a difference between how history is presented in America to what the rest of the world know.


won’t you ever just stop for once?


He is a 73 year old retiree, what do you think? He can literally shit post 20 hours a day (If he is like the rest of the old sailors I know, who dont sleep more than 4 hours a day). You are shouting at the waves.


I know you are right but a person has got to try for the good of humanity


Well now, the title of this thread cover a wide range of possibilities, c.captain only knows what was intended as the subject. So far we have had a good run, but you are welcome to add yours.
I like this sentence though;

It reminded me of a situation some years ago in West Papua, while trying to demobilize a land rig and load it onto barges, some going back to Java, some to Balikpapan, some to Sorong.

The logistics men couldn’t make up his mind what was going where and constantly changed his mind.
Eventually the Companyman, who was a Texan, made a sarcastic remark; “If you don’t know where you’r going, I presume any road will get you there”.


wave? more like a tsunami!


“Deflating Dabugge’s overfilled ego”. I know you think most of us are oblivious, but this thread title is a very pointed statement and it takes a wizard like you to conjure ‘a wide range of possibilities’ in interpretation.


I just fixed that




“Sorry but not sorry”?


I’m a generous person and believe in allowing all opinions. Should be ample space within my over inflated (or bloated?) ego. You have contributed your fair share, so far.


I agree. Me, too.

I love being a part of this dysfunctional family. Any time you doubt my intentions refer to previous posts where I stated I enjoy your input. There are only 2 or 3 people that have come into this forum I have found repulsive, and you and c.captain aren’t them.

With that being said, you don’t need my approval or anyone else’s. Who the hell are we to critique you? We just like to hurt the ones we love.


speak for yourself…I feel we are well within our bounds to say BS to our omnipresent squareheaded professor of enlightened maritime knowledge.


I thank you for those kind words and that you have finally seen the extent of my wisdom.
Always a pleasure to see someone reaching enlightenment.