Deflating DaBugge's bloated ego


Norway does not consider US citizens as refugees from an oppressed country.


They may soon do though.


No dog and no holes in the wall (YET).
I think I have explained this before, but if you do not feel inferior to anybody you cannot be insulted, or discriminated against.

I have been dealing with some pretty arrogant people over the years, incl. mid-level Indian officials, American Toolpushers with egos taller than the derrick and I have worked with French companies.

Even so I have never been intimidated, or felt inferior to anybody. I have been outsmarted at times, but that is life and you just have to lift yourself above it.

If you get angry over forum insult you have lost the argument. I may retaliate with some insults back, but not with anger. I prefer using sarcasm to insult though.


That actually looks like a mid 70s to early 80s halter hull…but what do I know…

I’d like to think for the most part we are just poking fun at you…at least I am. I think with the texted word in this form the intent often gets misunderstood.


I do like them quite a lot, too. Especially as shipmates. Darling accents, too. They way they cuss is cute as. There are down-sides though. If there are Norwegians, there is also browncheese. :face_vomiting: Which is partially compensated for by the jammy waffles. :drooling_face:

Cheese and Crackers. I have got to stop logging in right before chopchop. Or join a food forum.


Years ago I had a norwegian girlfriend and her grandmother made this dessert…I can’t recall the name. For lack of a better description it was like a cannoli. It was awesome.


Watch out for them monkeys!!!
No, not those, but the ones up on The Rock. They can also get aggressive, unless fed.


I don’t know. Aside from Filipino interpretations of Norwegian dishes, Aplecakke on top of a mountain in Oslo, and Knikkebrod made by my wonderful friend who I met in the huttes somewhere, and the stuff that comes out of the pantries in those huttes, I haven’t had much Norwegian food. There’s a sort of waffle joint in my neighbourhood at home which is styled as Norwegian, but its soo Pacific Northwest you feel like you’re eating a joke. A yummy yummy joke.

addition: I also like their idea of a hotel cold breakfast. All the cheese (except that one cheese) and bread and jam and cucumbers and yoghurt and stuff all laid out. As always, one complaint: The yoghurt comes in the same container as the milk. Admittedly, it’s only a problem for illiterate foreigners who don’t want strawberry yoghurt in their coffee. In the interest of keeping an open mind, I tried it. It turns out that browncheese isn’t the very worst thing to ever happen to breakfast.


you’re in Casablanca?

if you are say hey to Rick and Louie for me…


The picture was an illustration of one that is still operating in S.E.Asia, or at least was until a few years ago. I cannot find the name and building year of this one.
She looks very much like one I was on in 1970, of which I also cannot find a picture, but built at Burton in 1963.

As far as I remember the relatively new boats that I was on then was American Marine built in 1969 and looked more like this:


Maybe not yet. Give it another week or two.


Play it, Sam.

If they can swim out to the anchorage I will give them my dinner and my ice cream, because that’s the only way I’ll get to see them this time.


You mean like this maybe:
The cream can be mixed with many different berries, but my favourite is Cloudberries:

Have you tried “vaffle m/brunost”? Said to be a Norwegian favourite.
I use Brunost mainly to make brown gravy. It gives a pleasant sweetness without killing the other ingredients.


That’s it exactly. Thanks.


no. Are you trying to kill me or confuse me? brunost is disgusting, mit anything-you-want-to-pair-it-with. Please don’t send the gravy-recipe to my local scandi-waffle-hipster-kitchen. I just know they’d try to make poutine out of it. I would have to picket. Somethings just cannot be allowed. Build a wall! Keep out the browncheese-browngravy! Protect or cultural identity! Travel-Ban now! They don’t eat like us, they don’t talk like us, they have weird yoghurts! America! Attack! From the halls of Kristiansund to the shores of Bergen Fjord, we will fight our neighbor’s battles in the air, on land, and … on-board.


Don’t worry, I have never cooked by any recipe, so I wouldn’t be able to repeat any successful dish, or send a recipe to anybody.
A couple of weeks ago my youngest son brought along his girlfriend, who wanted to watch me cook something. The conversation went something like this;
"What do you season it with"
Whatever is handy.
“How long do you cook it for”?
Until it is ready.
“Now I know where your son gets it from”


To bump this back to life. Here is another proof that Norway is where to go with high tech stuff that you want to keep:
Does that mean we will be invaded by American geeks to set up and operate this Data Centre?
Hardly likely. More likely Indians I would think.


FUCK keeping this alive…you took it over as you do with every thread you enter. Congratulations for once again being the man with the biggest head in the room


I didn’t know that we had a head measuring (or any other bodypart) competition, but I’ll gladly defer to you on that, much as it pains me.