Deflating DaBugge's bloated ego


Technically, no. I will say whenever you see the briefest glimpse of opportunity you jump on it though.

You are a crafty fellow and the way you managed to direct this thread away from c.captains intent was pretty slick. You are an effortless bullshitter.


That’s because ombugge is intelligent. I really enjoy his content, and steady even keel assuring smooth sailing.


nobody likes such a blatant ass kisser


BULLSHIT! Germany surrenders in May '45 and the Trinity test was July 16th…a very few number of weeks for the Soviets to march on Western Europe and believe me, Stalin knew of the test the moment it took place.

come on…Germany never really had that active of a nuclear weapons program and the whole heavy water story never was as big a deal in the War as the storytellers want us to believe. Just one of the few operations you Norwegians like to crow about.

I really couldn’t give you two shits even if you did


You could say the sky is blue and ombugge would still whip up a soliloquy on how you are mistaken.


I would say the same thing about you. Just the way I think. You also are intelligent, and I enjoy your content also. Thank’s for keeping it interesting and educational at the same time. You are one of the reasons I and others enjoy this forum.



Doubtful they could have pushed the bear out of Europe and if they could, I very much doubt it would have been easy as the Allies would have been confronting a battle hardened army of 6 to 9 million troops (depending on estimates) that had been continually fighting since 1940 and experienced 27 million fatalities. Continuing the conflict would have been pyrrhic for everybody, especially given nobody could know what the future held. IMHO anyways.


Where do you come up with crap like that? Cite your sources please. There are Norwegian-Americans among this forum who’s family members fought and - who’s compatriots died - for that operation. How the hell can you say that keeping nuclear technology out of the hands of Nazi Germany was no big deal? What the hell is the matter with you?



You guys are the best. I love this topic.

Speaking of the war, I’m not on Canada C3 because I’m here:


Hindsight 20/20 the Germans where never close to having a nuclear bomb. Just look at the Manhattan project, the Germans did not have the resources to compete with that. And if they got the bomb what where they going to use it on? They had enough Sarin gas to wipe out armies, but they never used it in fear of retaliation.



HAHA! looks like I made someone testy today…pity poor him


It take one to know one I guess??
(Sorry, couldn’t resist, since you invited)


Only when you are mistaken, which is quite frequently.
(My last excuse still applies)


You are right, they never got close to build a bomb, but how much closer would they have been if the had access to heavy water?

BTW: The sinking of the ferry carrying heavy water destined for Germany may have been as decisive an action as the Gunnerside and was carried out by home grown Norwegian resistance fighter, not saboteurs brought across from UK.


Were you on the debate team in high school? Do they have that in norway?

With how big your head is I am surprised you could ever go to sea. How would you fit it in the wheelhouse?

Sorry, I’M just jealous I am not norwegian.


Thank you, sir.


I can only strive to be an omnipotent wordly professional mariner like yourself one day. Then i will be able to discuss politics and war history to the caliber that you and others do here daily.


I did not know that story. Makes me wish I had time to work on the WWII Merchant Mariner Death and Rescue project.

Here’s a useful Canadian phrase that you are free to melt into the pot:


Its perfect for what I think you’re going for here. It sounds polite, but it isn’t.


I was being sincere. Norwegians are excellent mariners, musicians and have a wonderful temperament.
I have yet to notice any anger in ombugge’s posts, no matter how much shit people give him. For all we know he’s beating his dog or punching holes in the walls of his house, but I doubt it.


Never went to High school. I went to sea at 15, after only the compulsory 7 years of Primary school.
My head fits well into any wheelhouse I have been in, including some small old mudboats of the 1960’s type:

And in the Tower on this one:

Don’t be jealous, do something about it. Norway is welcoming to refugees from oppressed countries anywhere.