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That will not work, the range is only 350 NM. On a positive note it was deployed to assist in the Deepwater Horizons oil spill.


Cod tongues cannot be salted. They must be fresh, or at most frozen.
We use them to make the most delicious Curry. Simply heavenly, better than Halibut head Curry.
(OK, so it’s not the traditional Norwegian way. I’m Singaporean after all)


Oh good.

Calling it

is like calling Hurricane Joaquin “El Faro’s moderate breeze.”


That’s exactly right about Yalta. It was a compromise brokered by the Allies. If the US hadn’t been there to push back, Stalin would have succeeded with his goal of annexing all of Germany into the Soviet union and continue to occupy Sweden…


I could always pick up the generous gift in New Jersey, if I could get a visa that is.
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Green Card holder are guaranteed entry, isn’t it??


Why aren’t you on Canada C3? They are currently on leg 9. - Hope you are having a good summer.


The East European states liberated by USSR wasn’t annexed into the Soviet Union. They were occupied, just like West Germany was by USA and their allies.

US forces are still in Germany and now in many of the former Eastern Block states.


I just HAD to Google it:
Why aren’t you. We could have had first hand reports.


Stalin had every intention of continuing to “liberate” them but the US forced him to back off.


You must be reading a different history book to mine. Stalin got all he wanted at Jalta and stuck to it, more or less at least. If he had had any immediate wish to take all of Germany, or to take a bigger slice of the cake, he could:’s_goals_as_World_War_Two_ended%3F

With both USSR, US and not least Britain war weary and more occupied with securing what they had got in the Jalta agreement.

Britain was mostly interested in keeping their colonies, but the “magic” of British invincibility had been proven wrong and the people were getting restless for independence.
70 years ago yesterday India was partitioned into two independent states, India and Pakistan.


I know, that would have been great. I have been following it from the beginning. They change participants every few weeks. Emrobu would be a perfect candidate, team manager-leader in my opinion. There is still time and legs coming up. They are about 1/2 way complete. Somebody still might surprise us?


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General Patton wanted to take on the Russians immediately. He said we are going to have to fight them eventually. The President said no; then came the Cold War. Patton was right.


That would have been suicide.


No. We would have very easily driven them back out of the Eastern European countries and into Russia. This would have saved millions of lives and trillions of dollars we have had to spend opposing Russia ever since.


Yeah, you right. I’se gots beats good

Anyway, it was a throwaway thread to bigin witg so no harm no foul.

Let’s get it on now with WWIII

I say it was only the US having the bomb that prevented it from the Soviets from seizing more of Europe than they did. If we tried to push them back from Eastern Europe, we would have had our head handed to us.


Thanks heaven there were some more level headed leader then General Patton around.
If you had tried that you would have CAUSED more needless loss of lives.

There were a deal and both sides stuck to it, as they should. Breaking deals when the other side stick to it is as dumb today as it was then.


No you didn’t have the bomb yet, that came later. But Russia didn’t yet either, so you could have caused more death and destruction in Europe and possibly beyond. Remember, Russia declared war on Japan and was already holding territory in Korea, Manchuria and was getting ready to help in the defeat of Japan.

What is just as important to remember is that Hitler didn’t manage to get a bomb before you, thanks to a small band of Norwegians. He had the V1 and V2 rockets, but lacked the ultimate weapon to put on top of them.

PS> I was not the one to derail this thread.


Norway saved the planet. Keep drinking that fermented cod liver oil.