Your Crap is my bread and butter

I was thinking the other night while I was cruzing down the ditch stirring up years of raw sewage and pollution (they dropped the water out of the Sag in anticipation of possible flash flooding due to severe thunderstorms in the Chicagoland area) how that smell means so many things to so many different people. Almost like the smell of the country.

I cruise by Tiki style bars where the drunks get too loaded to drive their boats back to where they had them parked and think to myself, "How in the world do they keep down their tropical themed food with that smell in the air?
It got so bad the other night the smell was permiating my bunk room. I had to cover my head and face with my blanket to filter out the smell.

Poor asain carps. They never stood a chance against the “shit ditch”. I have seen a few of the local native carp bloating and floating all over the place.

The first fish kill they did the water was too cold and I am not sure it even killed that many fish because the water was so cold and running so hard.

We didn’t see alot of dead fish because they said the water was too cold during the first fish kill.

This time they went further up and killed more fish. Still not one non native carp.

Havn’t heard anything lately about the carp affecting anything in our area. I think the arguement that the fish barrier is working is pretty well accepted my most level headed people.
Plus I don’t think Asian Carp hold a stick to the Chicago carp.
These carp have grown up on poison.
They are street smart carp.
They will not back down without a fight.

I think the Asian Carp wussed out in the last carp rumble somewhere south of the fish barrier. I am guessing it took place somewhere south of Seneca or Starved Rock.

Anyway just glad the little bastards arn’t affecting business. For now that is.

Glad I got off the East Canal before the oil spill. I was on a two piece unit over there that was on contract. A 5 year contract.
The boat got paid a great day rate whether we moved or not.
We were welll taken care of as a crew.
We got anything we asked for that was within reason.
They went 1/1 so I moved on and now they are probably tied up waitin to transit areas on the way East.
I guess I got out in time.
Nobody cares about carp when the gulf is being poisoned.

I mean after all even Kevin Kostner is in on the effort. This is a big deal.