Young 3m plays video game


<a title=“Young 3m plays video game” target="_blank" href="]Funny<br>


“Eat your melted shit!!!”<br><br>Impressive…I don’t think my keyboard would work after all of that…


I’m surprised he didn’t hyperventilate, and fall over…


I wonder how often he gets outside?


At least long enough to go buy a new keyboard between rants…


new3m Hey man! you are reely funny and kinda crasy man becaus I was reely laffing and then I got reel worreed and stuff no what I meen man becaus does the CAPTAIN get reel mad at you does he ever hit you no what I meen man? Anyway I was just thanking about that and stuff


No problem…


I guess we could change the title of this thread to:<br><br>“KP Unlimited Master learns that limited Masters are Masters too”