Yachting Industry Murders

LONDON, England (CNN) – The murders of two super-yacht staff within a fortnight have shaken the luxury yacht industry and sparked calls for crews to exercise extreme caution.

English Harbor, Antigua, where Australian luxury yacht captain Drew Gollan was murdered in January.

Both murders occurred in popular yachting destinations in the Caribbean islands and involved violent attacks.

Last week, U.S. luxury yacht chef Sara Kuszak, of Savannah, Georgia was murdered after being abducted during a morning run in the Puerto del Rey marina in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Kuszak’s five months pregnant body was found in a field with a slashed throat. A local man has been arrested by police in connection with the incident.

On January 22, Australian man Drew Gollan, captain of Perini Navi yacht Perseus was shot dead in what was described as a “failed robbery” in English Harbor, Antigua.

Gollan, 38, was described as a “widely respected member of the yachting community.” His murder came less than a year after the double murder of a British couple on the island. Suspects have been arrested and charged with murder in both cases.

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