X-Bow on Container ships?

X-bow on Container ships may also help to reduce container loss ay sea. (??)

It certainly gets those driving the ship up front and personal to the prevailing sea conditions. I spent a good portion of time sailing on a converted LASH ship with the house forward and can attest to this.

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Forward house ship:

Great views
Terrible sleep
Pain in the ass for Engineers


With conventional bow from the 1970s or 80s I presume?

There have been more than 100 vessels with X-Bow built since the first one in 2005:

Some of the SOVs built also have X-Stern to be able to remain stationary on DP close to a fixed structure (wind mill foundation etc.) in much worse and changing condition than a vessel with conventional bow. (Or even vessel with X-bow only)
Able to keep the bow or stern into the weather without disconnecting the W2W gangway.

Why not Hybrid Diesel/Electric propulsion with the Generator spaces below deck Fwrd,(??)
UMS Class and dry walkway to the aft Propulsion rooms, like on this one?
COSCO Heavy Lift vessel :

ECR well above cargo deck, like here: One deck down from the bridge w/ direct internal staircase. (Double windows)

PS> The Ch.Eng. cabin is on port side on the same deck
The other Eng. have their cabins one deck lower, which is closer to the Mess room and Gym. A lift take them to the generator room on cargo deck level. so they don’t run up a sweat.

Very good view from the navigation bridge in good weather:

Ballast Control Panel aft end of bridge, with full unobstructed view of the cargo deck (ALS no cargo blocking the view:

Engine Control Panel in ECR:

Why couldn’t there be a X-Bow on this one?? Probably because Ulstein has copy righted the X-Bow and X-stern concept,

Smoother ride for the crew and cargo, with less change of loss or damages.

.Very nice pictures of the Heavy Lift. I find those ships impressive.

You are correct, my experience is with ships with conventional bows. What made them uncomfortable is when sailing in a quartering sea where the ship is both rolling and pitching. With the house being forward it is a long run to the engine room when the Engineer’s alarm sounds.

Back in 1977 I was 3rd engineer on this ship.

Twin house with the engineers aft and everyone else forward. She looked better in 1977 and went by the name Delta Uruguay.

I was Chief on this girl. Mates forward and everyone else aft. Not a fun ride for those forward on North Atlantic passages.

An ECR with windows?!? I wouldn’t have known what to do with all that access to sunlight!

The T-AOE’s with MSC were nice for engineers in that the FWD house had the Bridge, Captain, and Mate cabins, while the Aft house had the galley/mess, ECR, Engineer cabins. Food, work, sleep all close at hand.

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On another Chinese HLV of the same class they even had a herbs garden in the windows of the ECR: