WWII Navy ship wrecks disappeared from Java seabedto


Fraud was the name of the game as was to be expected. Earlier we were lied to by the Indonesian government who swore that they where not involved in the disappearance of the wrecks. It is now clear that the Indonesian ministery of Transport has provided permits to the Indonesian, but mostly Chinese, PT Jatim Perkasa company for removing the wrecks of the Dutch Hr.Ms. Kortenaer and the British HMS Electra. They were aided with their heroic endeavour by Australian wreck experts…

This news was published on the Indonesian news site Tirto.id. They also reported earlier what happened to the human remains taken from the wrecks: dumped in a mass grave in East Java very close to the harbour where the wrecks were torn apart.

For a detailed report of their findings named ‘A Ring Of Naval Wreck Robbers’ click on this link. Also click on ‘Read More’ in the text.


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I doubt the steel from those wrecks went for such purposes. I bet it’ll just be used for rebar in China. If they melt it, won’t it contaminate the iron?


Contamination Yes, but the other way round:
Processing raw iron to steel needs oxygen, to burn the excess carbon in the iron; either air or oxygen produced out of air, both contaminated.

A mixture of old pure steel and new steel, will be contaminated, proportionally to the mixing ratio.



The footprint of the ship in the sea bottom and the tracks of the demolishing machines is all that is left.,

The government who reported a week ago in parliament that the combined efforts of the Indonesians and the Dutch didnot come up with anything useful were painfully surprised that a few days later the Indonesian press reported that their government had handed out permits to allow the removal of the wrecks. It is obvious that we were fooled by the Indonesians.

There is also anger about the disrespectful way the human remains were dumped into a anonymous mass grave. It was announced that the research in view of the new findings will be reopened.


In the mean time it has become clear that the human remains are located in four places: The Brondong city cemetery, two mass graves somewhere in the harbour area and the city’s garbage dump where the remains are unrecoverable.

Somewhere in this desolate cemetery part of the humain remains were dumped into an unmarked grave.

Between 2014 and 2017 the Ministry of Transport handed out on a routine basis at least 10 permits. Indonesian workers were paid 10 dollars a day for cutting up the Naval ships. The ships which are responsible for the removal of the wrecks were Chinese. As it turns out the Chinese needed a Indonesian ‘paper’ silent partner only for obtaining the permits.


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Latest on the case:


The real culprit is the Ministry of Transport who handed out scores of permits, no holds barred. They could not care less. I would not be at all surprised if payment ‘under the table’ took place to oil the process.This was and is a criminal act of the worse kind imaginable.


UK and Indonesia in talks:

Where are the Dutch, Australians. Japanese and USA?? They all have wrecks that have been looted.


The Dutch authorities were already since the discovery of the grave robbery, which took place on an unprecedented industrial scale, in touch with the Indonesian government but progress, as could be expected, is slow. This is reflected by the article in the Guardian saying:

The Dutch government, which has been lobbying Indonesia on this issue in a series of joint meetings for the past year, is also sending an expert military team to assist.

So the Dutch have been around. The article also states:

In close coordination with representatives from the Dutch embassy and its war graves commission, the British embassy says it is currently awaiting requests for technical assistance from Indonesian authorities in its investigation into the missing ships and origin of the bones.



Felix Jans (93), who was the only still living survivor of the Battle of the Javazee, has died in The Hague. He was a sailor on board the destroyer Hr Ms Kortenaer, which was torpedoed by the Japanese in 1942 and sank in minutes,


He was responsible for the maintenance of canon number 1.

He was in the water during the evening and part of the night and finally picked up by HMS Encounter. But it was not over yet. Later on the Japanese occupied Indonesia and Jans was sent to Thailand where he again survived working on the notorious Burma railway.

He never tolerated Japanese merchandise in his house, no Sony or a Honda car for him. He is mild in his opinion of the disappearance of the wreck of also Hr Ms Kortenaer: ‘Those Indonesian people are poor and need the money’. Nobody dared to tell him that it was the Chinese and some corrupt government officials who walked away with the loot…


I agree with you


From Maasmond Newsclippings today:

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Bloody corrupt lowlives…



The Jatim Perkasa Salvage company responsible for the looting and by the looks of it also very proud of their criminal achievements. Government admirers stand around the owner…

The Indonesian press is not so enthousiastic. One statement says: ‘Dozens of warships and historic taken illegally by a salvage barge, cost the country billions of rupih.’ and another: ‘Scrap metal looters origin of Madura’. Also: In addition to loss of state billions of rupiah, the Indonesian government had to face protests from the countries whose ships were looted.


Like I said earlier in this thread, this is a job for an MQ-9 Reaper. The remains they are desecrating are those of men that paid for their freedom from the Japanese with there lives.


A shame, but hardly surprising. The half-life of appreciation for the service and sacrifice of the fighting man is desperately low, always has been.


I was off the coast of Somalia during the Maersk Alabama incident, if the merchant mariners out there looked down their noses on us they sure got over it when they were requesting assistance with suspicious skiffs over the BTB.

Anyone doing this for the accolades is in the wrong line of business. Frankly, I’m surprised that the overt patriotism that’s been on display in the US since 9/11 is still around, between the lack of interest in the wars and the entitled behavior of some veterans.


I did some calculations, keeps me of the street, on the 200 ton blunt fall axe. With a water depth of 80 meter the terminal velocity is 35,7 m/s which amounts to 69,4 knots/hr. The water resistance opposing the gravity force is rather small due to the wedge shaped lower part. For comparison the terminal velocity in air is 39,6 m/s or 77 knots/hr.

The fall time from surface to the sea floor is 2,24 sec, in air it is 2.02 sec. I understand that the weight could penetrate three decks. If so the impact force is 1443 ton and the travel time from first impact to zero speed is 9,9 sec, rather a long time due to the now much bigger opposing resistance of the ship’s metal, slowing it down considerably.

It is clear that this ship shredder is able to cut up any ship into small pieces in a relative short time. Nice…