WSF crewing woes

So there’s some mystery/concern in the Washington State Ferry System over what the end result of the state vaccine mandate will be in terms of crewing. It seems there are a disproportionate number of anti-vax folks in the engine room and there’s concern of large service reductions come the 19th… if there aren’t the engine crew to run the boats. This is lined up with current shortages in licensed deck officers as well as bare bones engine staffing that sees tied up boats at the end of the two week work cycle especially.

Mix in some “deferred maintenance” that often results in “unscheduled repairs”…

In the meantime they’ve posted for QMED oiler spots as well as an “internship” position that I don’t see having much success in terms of recruiting.

Additionally the OS deckhand is posted again, though it seems like that won’t be the area lacking.

But time will tell I suppose.

This might be a good opportunity if it were on a “regular” merchant vessel with a full crew galley and proper quarters but WSF is lacking in terms of this in general.

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Those who quit or get fired over vaccine mandates will find out the hard way that they may be denied UI since an employer can set requirements like this, it’s already borne out in court, it’s common in many other industries (medicine) and so on. i think the thing that pushes a lof of people out the door in these cases is ultimately pay and benefits. Few self described antivaxers actually put their money where their mouth is and quit if the pay and benefits are good. Proven in several major hospital systems already since mandates began first in that industry.

They’re not ‘antivax’ folks.

Given that the vaccine is essentially useless after 6 months and the FDA and CDC committees voted overwhelmingly against boosters for people under 65, they don’t want to take something that doesn’t work.

That’s natural, normal, and sane.

At a certain point WA State and others are going to have to accept that the vaccines just flat out don’t work.
Forcing people to take an as yet unknown number of boosters against FDA authorization is borderline retarded.

You lost this argument, you just won’t accept it because it makes you look foolish.

You are addressing me or the OP? You assumed I’m here to argue a pro vaccine position? You are mistaken. I don’t care if you want to play roulette with your body. I got mine…what you do is up to you.

I can say this much. Fact: vast majority of people dying in the ICU of hospitals are unvaccinated. But I ain’t here to tell anyone what to do. I’m done. You can eat horse paste and drink sheep dip all to your heart’s content. Employers can require the vax as a condition of employment. Also a fact. Nobody is forcing it into your arm. You can walk away. If these people don’t want it let them find work elsewhere. They will not be entitled to UI for constructive termination, it will be considered a resignation if they quit.That’s life.