Would a history of asthma be disqualifying in commercial shipping?

I was frustrated to find out that a history of asthma, no matter how acute, is grounds for disqualification with not only the Navy and Coast Gaurd but NOAA as well. Is it likely that this would also create problems on the commercial side of things?

Not necessarily, but it will be dependent on how debilitating it is. What does your physician have to say? Is it controlled via medication, or an inhaler?
Have you taken your CG physical, applied to an Academy, or submitted an application to NMC yet? Just curious as to how you’re coming along with your goals, and whether you’re making any headway towards them yet?

You can read page #9 of Enclosure 3 of NVIC 04-08 (Medical Guidelines for Mariners) for the specific information about asthma.

It’s really not a big deal, I never even have to use an inhaler. I just know that with USCG and NOAA any symptoms of asthma pass age 12 is disqualifying, no matter how small they are.

Make sure its really asthma. My younger son had been diagnosed by our pediatrician as having asthma - he once spent 6 days in the hospital after a severe attack. When it came time to apply to a Maritime Academy we had him checked by a pulmonologist - turns out he wasn’t asthmatic - just allergic to pet dander - something he’d been exposed to his whole life. He’s now sailing as a third mate unl, but he has to take Advair before spending any time visiting where there are long haired dogs or cats.

The military can give you a waiver for your asthma.