Worst habit/vice you've had to deal with from other crew

How can I get ready for class when I’m trying to think of who that might have been?

I could’ve used that idea myself.

One last one for today, junk on the consoles. Food, drink, newspapers…

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Oh it wasn’t just on the last ship I was on - it’s been a 20 year battle so there’s been quite a few pairs of boots baptized!

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it gets better the further you get away from the Gulf of Mexico or vessels owned, managed, or crewed by the bayou companies.

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Day boat company. Room above office with crew lockers and lounge/tv. Guy liked to sit and watch the weather radar with elevator music tv station(with pants around ankles). Office girls went up there to microwave their lunch. It got to the point where the girls would stomp their feet while going up the stairs in hopes he would stop for a minute. it didn’t work.

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One of my previous Chiefs tells a story along these lines. The trouble was, the guys were smoking in their rooms and flushing their butts down the head. They were getting caught by the rake at the inlet of the sewage plant. Chiefy announces to all crew: “I’m cleaning the rake today. Tomorrow, I will pick a name from the list of people who get cigarettes from the bonded store, and that person will clean the rake. We’re going to do this every day from now on.” Problem mysteriously sorted itself out overnight.


Does anyone else have that guy who takes tools out of your hands while you are using them?

It’s such a great opportunity to practice my anger management techniques.

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I had a boiling hot motorman come in to my office one day waving a really nasty baby wipe in my face demanding that I do a room search to find any and all owners of baby wipes and have them summarily dismissed. I felt for him, I really did. Threats from all of us that the guy found flushing a damn baby wipe would not only get written up, but also be made to help unclog/clean out “stuff” did NOT work. We actually enforced that one time - you would think it would be self regulating after that? - and the very next day it happened again. hehehehehe I don’t know what the answer it but that motorman surely got his 3rd A/E’s ticket VERY quickly after that.

So in your fleet they don’t call the 3rd A/E: turd engineer?

I’m starting to think this thread is dangerous. It could a bible for troublemakers.

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They do - until their toilets clog - then they call him what ever he wants them to?

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Flushing condoms down the drain is a great way to get the engineers worked up.

If I have to take training on how the emergency towing stuff works, everyone should have training on how the sewage plant works. I mean, if /I/ am the one in charge of rigging up a tow or what-ever-you-call-it, we are all ready in a tight spot. On the other hand, most healthy adults use the head every day… so, y’know, just sayin’. It isn’t a magic hole of disappearing things.

I almost don’t want to know the answer to this but ; what the hell are you doing , and what kind of boat do you work on , that your flushing condoms to the point of aggravating the snipes ? ( engineers , for those that have never been there ) You on a Disney Cruise ?

This happened on the HOS Strongline or Centerline a few years back.

Gotta be spit cups or bottles, now that I don’t work in the GoM, don’t see it anymore

The easiest, safest explanation would be the presence is for solo use, and practical for easy clean up.

Seriously though foreign objects finding there way into an msd system can only happen on a boat that has passengers, and a part of the predeparture briefing should mention it. Of course this solution isn’t failsafe, just saying…

This kinda reminds of a time I went to work on a utility boat years ago. First thing I was told when I got on board was no toilet paper in the toilet, put it in the trashcan. I was like ‘what??’. I was then told the shower will back up if you flush toilet paper.
If a boats plumbing problem is that far gone it may be time to replumb a few things instead of making filling trash bags up with used toilet paper standard practice. Wtf?

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We found a riffle bullet in the treatment plant once. How does that…I don’t even…fell out of somebody’s pocket?

Fired or new?

New!!! eek!

Having heard so many engineers complaining about wet wipes and bacon grease clogging the system, I have often thought it would be a great way to push the old guy over the edge.

After a couple of months out on a tug a person starts to have thoughts that a normal decent person on shore would not.

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Been a while since I’ve been out for a couple/three months straight .What happened ? They don’t stop in places with whores any more ?
Man , I hate to think of what happened to all those little towns economies .
There used to be this little town on the coast of Spain where the whores run the entire… ahh nevermind , if your flushin covers instead of decorating the shit can of some whore house with them … you wouldn’t understand .