World's Fastest Bowline

This guy has way too much time on his hands.

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thats what i have always heard referred to as a tug boat bowline.

as far as tug boat bowlines go, thats pretty good, but either thats his top speed or he slowed it down so you could see what was going on. i knew a guy a while back that did it in about half that time.

My pop taught me that as a kid. He called it a flying bowline, and if I recall, it is not a real bowline, it “goes around the tree” the wrong way. I’ll have to go throw one to see if thats true!
He aslo taught me the “dragon bowline”. Anyone seen one of those?

I taught my kid the dragon bowline and he cracked up for days. Then he taught his friends. A very useful knot.

I saw that one in Seattle, actually Ballard, summer of 1980. The guy who showed me was named Roland so I always called it a Roland Bowline.
Yup, I fell for the dragon bowline too :confused: