World's Busiest Ports

I found this very interesting.


Interesting, but this only apply to container shipping.
If counting ALL shipping, either in terms of total tonnage of cargo handled, or GT of vessels calling at the port during a year, the picture MAY change.
What doesn’t change is the dominant position of China and Asia relative to Europe and North America.

I came across this Map the other day that explains the importance that the Suez Canal is to international shipping and the world economy.

" The Suez Canal changed everything. When Egypt opened it in 1868, after ten years of work, the 100-mile, man-made waterway brought Europe and Asia dramatically and permanently closer. The canal’s significance to the global order was so immediately obvious that, shortly after the British conquered Egypt in the 1880s, the major world powers signed a treaty, which is still in force, declaring that the canal would forever be open to trade and warships of every nation, no matter what. Today, about eight percent of all global trade and three percent of global energy supply goes through the canal."

The Cartographers indicated major ports with black dots sized to indicate cargo volume per year. But at least it helps to visualize
ports and trade routes.

This is Map # 34 on this site:

40 Maps that Explain the Middle East

Try looking at this, use the filters top right:

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Lovely resource, thanks!

but what use is it port volumes?
how about the amount of containers that entered and left the port by land, the rest is just who has space to consolidate the cheapest and has the best connections along with how fast are you, well done Singapore
3000 off, 3000 on in 18 hrs,

Here is the answer to which port is the busiest in terms of Gross Tonnage of ships calling during a year:

This includes vessels that call for docking, repairs, bunker and supplies, but do not handle any cargo. Since Singapore is the world’s premier bunkering port this is a major part in terms of gross tonnage and number of ship calling the Port of Singapore.
The many shipyards situated in Singapore and Cruise ships that calls at the two Cruise terminals also help in this respect.

In terms of total cargo handled, (incl. bulk and liquids) Shanghai is still the busiest in the world.
Rotterdam jumps quite a bit on the list in this statistics: