World’s largest ice-class multipurpose vessel

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“Multipurpose vessel” :roll_eyes:

I’d say “geared general cargo ship” would describe this vessel better…

I’m also not that convinced about this ship’s advertised ability to “navigate without assistance … in most ice conditions”. It’s nothing more than an ice class 1A ship meaning its propulsion power is determined based on ability to achieve a speed of 5 knots in non-consolidated brash ice channel with a thickness of 1 m in the middle. Such ships are, by definition, assumed to rely on icebreaker assistance. Furthermore, 9.5 megawatts is not that much for a 32 m wide hull, blunt bow, and long parallel midbody.

Green Kemi’s sister ship, Green Rauma, has been drifting with ice in the middle of the Bothnian Bay for a few days now. It might be waiting for berth and/or tomorrow’s strike to end, but based on yesterday’s ice report I wouldn’t be surprised if it needed two large A-class icebreakers to escort it to the port of Kemi…


The bow does not look like an icebreaker bow, so I am guessing it is fairly limited in breaking up solid ice.

She is “multi-purpose” because she can carry both bulk, project cargo and general cargo, (incl. pulp).

She is NOT an icebreaker, just an ice classed cargo ship:

Source: COSCO takes delivery of Green Kemi | News | Heavy Lift & Project Forwarding International

I stand corrected. Looks like “multi-purpose vessel” is more widely used term in the shipping industry than I initially expected. Somehow I had something akin to Norilsk in mind, with cranes, hatches, ro-ro ramp, car deck, cargo tanks and an air cushion vehicle to carry cargo to shore…

The old “Norilsk” from 1980s?:

Scrapped in China 2010

Or the newer “Norilskiy Nickel” blt. 2006?:

Both built in Finland and serving the same purpose in the Russian Arctic.

The old one, of course.