Winter navigation season

Winter navigation season in the Gulf of Finland is progressing without major problems:

610 vessels have been escorted, so far this season.

Some of the icebreakers involved:

Here is a couple of ships that manage on their own thank you:

Forest Wave Navigation BV’s TIDE NAVIGATOR & TRADE NAVIGATOR in beautiful conditions
PS> Nothing stated about where the picture was taken.

I haven’t seen the Sorokin-class icebreaker Kapitan Dranitsyn deployed yet, but the following medium and large icebreakers were mentioned in today’s ice chart (and I’ve seen them active in AIS):

  • Murmansk (Project 21900M, 18 MW)
  • Vladivostok (Project 21900M, 18 MW)
  • Viktor Chernomyrdin (Project 22600, 25 MW)
  • Kapitan Sorokin (Sorokin class; Thyssen-Waas icebreaking bow conversion, 16.2 MW)
  • Kapitan Nikolaev (Sorokin class; Wärtsilä conical icebreaking bow conversion, 16.2 MW)
  • Mudyug (Mudyug class; Thyssen-Waas icebreaking bow conversion, 7 MW continuous/9.1 MW peak)

The rest are smaller Project 97, Checkin- and M. Izmaylov -class icebreakers.

It’s really nice to see Kapitan Nikolaev in service again.