Working hours for a towboat deckhand

What are the actual working hours for a deckhand on a towboat running the ohio river? or any pushboat with barges… I know its 12 hour days split between 2 watches and ip to 15 hours in an emergency… but what about being forced to work 18 hour days just because the employer cant find someone to make the crew full again

Your company’s SMS will likely dictate working hours limitations.

“ Not more than 12 hours consecutive”
“Not more than 15 hours in any 24 hour period”
“Not more than 42 hours worked in any 72 hour period”

Your company SMS should be available to you.

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I worked in the push boat industry for a while, They called it a call man, any tow work came up you were up doing that, 18 hrs was the limit then you got 24 off.

Good luck on the 24 hrs off.

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Back when I went to sea, I don’t ever recall getting 24 hours off, unless I was home, and even then it didn’t happen. . . .

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I was looking for an easy life when I retired. NOT true. My bride passed the duties she had done for the many decades while I was gone. God bless the ones that carried more freight than us,