Working for NOAA

What Does an AB working for NOAA really make a month after taxes


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Working for NOAA is not a great career choice deck side. There’s no upward mobility as the deck officers are unfortunately NOAA Corp. The pay for NOAA Corp is horrible but ends up costing the government probably more due to the higher long term costs of retirement and health benefits.

Hopefully one day NOAA will get rid of the NOAA Corp and hire civilian mariners.

Apparently they have a couple civilian deck officers floating around. Or so we have been told a few times on these forums. Maybe they were/are used to fill gaps as needed.

Working for NOAA now. Hard to say because the pay scale has a range but also you have to take into account how much overtime a vessel authorizes, penalty pay, etc. You will make more with MSC. Also, regarding a previous reply to your post, there is no upward mobility here for deck, unless you want to move up to Bosun. Last I heard there were two licensed bridge crew in the whole NOAA fleet, the rest are NOAA Corps.

Also, just so you are aware if you are applying or considering applying, NOAA is moving toward a 60/30 rotation (eventually) but during the recruitment/apply process it is made to sound as if that is the standard. It is not. Right now I believe only the Engine Dept. is on that rotation, and only a select few. Everyone else is “full-time” or an “augmenter” and just like MSC, you will be gone for quite some time.

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Decades ago (early 80’s) there were NOAA fishery vessels that had USMM deck officers rather than members of the NOAA officer corps. I have no idea if that is still the case today.