Will TradeLens rival bitcoin?

Maersk and IBM seem to be doing a good job of signing up new partners to their TradeLens platform.

At the moment it appears to solely be a paper trail process to improve efficiency in handling containers. But surely in a whille it will also start to handle payments? When that happens the payment platform will surely become a virtual currency like the Bitcoin. But with the weight of most of the shipping companies in the world behind it, it will be better regulated and safer. But it will be outside the control of any government.

Thoughts on a postcard?

Hello folks.
I was advised that my question has been flagged by a number of people as possible span.

Far from it. I am pondering a genuine question that occurred to me when gCaptain ran the first article about the development of TradeLens nearly two years ago.

I know little about virtual currencies like Bitcoin so I don’t get involved with them. But I have heard a number of commentators describe it as a lawless wilderness used for anything criminal (such as 16 Tonnes of cocaine). By comparison, when really heavyweight companies like IBM and Maersk get involved it will be have to secure and safe. I think that is a step change. Hence my pondering, can it become a virtual currency in it’s own right… even if the administrators don’t want it to. Remember the cigarette became the currency in Germany after WW2 even though the Allies were desperately trying to get people to trust the Deutsch Mark.

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You better read up on digital currencies and than see if you still want to ask this question.
There is a big difference between a administrative/tracking system (tradelens) and a digital currency.

It rather invest in the Iraqi dinar