Why does the National Review want to part out the U.S

Our borders are open to all the wrong people and closed to all the right people.

Hordes of uneducated, future welfare drones, criminals, etc flood across our wide open southern border to make fraudulent claims for asylum.

While educated foreigners with needed skills, money, and great potential in America have to wait almost a year just to get an interview for a visa at our dysfunctional US consulates and embassies.

We have tens of millions of “born here “ Americans who are out of the workforce on opioids, meth, pot, and the most addictive and destructive drug of all - government welfare programs.

We need to open immigration again to the right people with skills and potential. We need them to keep the workforce supplied with skilled labor.

We do not need more poor , uneducated, unhealthy people that don’t speak English. Many of whom will become addicted to government welfare programs.

The Democratic border policy is about two things: Allowing in future democratic voters dependent of the welfare state, and turning America into a white-minority country.

It’s long past time for a return to sanity.


This article is just the usual uninformed knee jerk anti-Jones Act drivel.

America does not know how to properly run a colony. Guam is just a military base , and another corrupt, mismanaged welfare program that has failed its people.

If we could contract out governing Guam, and Puerto Rico, to an efficient country that knows how, for example Singapore, Guam and Puerto Rico would be thriving in less than a decade.

The Brits knew how to run colonies. America never did. Compare the US Virgin Islands to the British Virgin Islands

We run Guam and Puerto Rico as poorly as we run Indian Reservations with similar results.


Absolutely correct on one major point. Oligarchs can divide any country into opposing forces they will laugh as they destroy each other. Ever notice how the penalties for employing illegal immigrants is only a fine and no jail time for the owner of the company that employs them? Agriculture, construction, service industries like hotel and restaurants and the meat packing industry are major employers of illegals. These are not mom and pop companies but they have a lot of political influence. Illegals come to the US because they now they can get jobs. Employers give them jobs because they save a lot of money on wages/benefits and the CEOs are never prosecuted to any serious extent for doing so. Koch Foods got busted for hiring illegals and sued ICE claiming they didn’t know they were illegal immigrants.


If you go to the National Review website they claim to be a conservative opinion publication but I don’t know a single conservative in person or online who dislikes the Jones Act. Both my (R) Senators & (R) House Representative say they support the Jones Act. I’ve discuss the Jones Act with my House Rep a few times & I would go far to say he strongly supports it. Except for DavidMT, our VP or WH press secretary I haven’t heard any Democrats claim our southern border is secured & doing what it’s supposed to do. Definitely no Democrat that I know personally has claimed it’s secure.

To answer his question again, its the globalists who actively work at undermining the US who supports the National Review & our open borders, thats why the National Review wants to part out the US. IMO, anybody who tries to down play the importance of the Jones Act or our crisis on the Southern Border is doing the work of the oligarch globalists.

That’s an understatement
The administration turns a blind eye to the tons of fentanyl pouring through the border along with the hoards of border crashers who are no longer referred to by their legal status as “illegal aliens” but simply as “undocumented migrants” or better yet as “undocumented workers”.
As long as euphemisms are in vogue, I suggest using “Workers without borders”, a more palatable term reminiscent of that selfless group, “Doctors without Borders”.
The White House press secretary assure us with a straight face that the border is secure and in the next breath responds to being called out on the lie by responding that, well yes there’s a problem there but it’s all Orange Man’s fault.
The Border Czar meanwhile has no time to address such trivial matters and breaks out in hysterical laughter anytime the subject comes up.
You can’t make this stuff up.


The terms “open border” or “closed border” are both silly.

If the border is open then why did the CBP stop 3.6 million people at the southern border in the last two years? If the border is truly “open”, none of 3.6 million would have been stopped.

So what does the term “open border” mean? Apparently it means a lot of people cross the border. But if 3.6 million are being prevented from entering, “open” is a silly term to use.

Terms like “open border” and “closed border” don’t address questions like:

  • Does the 3.6 million indicate that more people are showing up at the border trying to cross, or does it meant that CBP is more efficient at catching them?
  • What proportion of those 3.6 million are people who were previously caught trying to cross? (22% is the proportion I’ve researched).

So how do you get an “open border” if 3.6 million people are big stopped, and nearly 800,000 of those are being stopped repeatedly? That is patently not “open”.

The term “porous border” fits the situation more neatly, but the word “porous” isn’t as inflammatory as “open”. In political discourse there are no grays. Only black and white, good an evil, us versus them. Open or closed.

Despite the fact that the southern border has always been porous. People (and cattle) have sneaked or been stampeded across it both ways for the last two centuries.

Want a closed border? Try the Berlin Wall. There’s a closed border if ever there was one. Except for the fact that 5,000 people snuck across it despite guards, machine guns, barbed wire, attack dogs, and 55,000 landmines. So the Berlin Wall was porous too.

So how did we come to refer to the southern border with the ridiculous terms “open border” or “closed border”, when such animals never existed? The border certainly isn’t open and it is impossible to close it.

It would be better for everyone to talk about the real and consequential crisis at the border, figure out the compromise solution to ease it, work together, and do what can be done to solve it.

But that doesn’t sell commercials on cable news, or click-bait on the web. What sells advertising is Outrage: good versus evil; Us versus Them; Open versus Closed; The Wall versus kids in cages.

Outrage stimulated in both extremes of the political spectrum makes the rich richer, and the powerful more powerful, with no incentive to solve the problem. Their supporters, on both sides of the political spectrum, are so addicted to their outrage-meth they have no incentive to instruct their politicians to seek compromise.


You haven’t done the slightest bit of research into the issue if you think stopped means they didn’t enter.

Basic, low effort research you could do in the next 5 minutes.

For clarity, what do you mean by stop? That’s stop and expel? Or that’s stop, provide tax payer funded resources, and put them on their way into the US with “a promise” they’ll appear at a future court date? Because if it’s the latter, then the illegal entrant wasn’t really stopped at all was he? More like refueled.

I found this:

Which refers to ‘total enforcement actions’, but I don’t see what exactly that means.

The news media spends little time to dwelling on grey areas in sound bites sandwiched between reports of mass shootings, videos of spectacular car chases and commercials. Best to stick to simplistic terms and avoid the risk of confusing the masses.

That number is bait for the gullible public. The crossers the CBP keeps numbers on are those who show up and apply for asylum. According to our immigration laws, asylum is a legal process intended to allow an applicant who feels their life is in danger to seek refuge. Under U.S. law, someone who presents themselves at a U.S. border “with well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group, who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war or violence,” may apply for asylum. To grant asylum to people who spend thousands traveling and arrive wearing the latest designer fashions, cell phone in hand and proudly declare their purpose for coming to the US is because they want to participate in the American dream is a mockery of the law. It’s a slap in the face to those who follow the rules and wait their turn. For the country’s leaders to condone it is obscene.
Those who do not want to be bothered avoid this method altogether and sneak past on their own or with the help of coyotes. Many of them are preyed upon, left behind to die, raped or murdered before they reach the border. Who cares, right? It’s just collateral damage.
Add the numbers of those who come in legally and ignore the time limits granted in their visas. Nobody has a clue how many of those are in the country including the CBP. They have no mechanism to keep track of them.

That’s an absurd reaction and no one is suggesting it. It’s the kind of rhetoric that you yourself would probably justifiably accuse a media pundit of engaging in. So why even bring it up?

That is precisely what the current administration is working so hard to evade and why some southern governors are dropping off “refugees” in northern sanctuary cities, raising the shackles of holier than thou NIMBY hypocrites.

Some reading material that might interest you.

The majority of people working as guides bringing people across the border. I listened to a podcast last week talking to Mexican guides and US CPB officers. The guides are all under 18 because minors are caught and returned. Most are known by name by the border patrol officers because they pick up the same kids week after week, give them water, bring them back to a crossing, where they get picked up by their parents or teachers. They make something like a $1k per trip, so try to make as many as possible before their 18th birthday, when the risk of detention becomes greater than the reward.

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The Canadian border should be duty free and wide open to people and Canadian goods. Driving in and out of Canada should be like Europe or driving between US states. Instead, I have seen the Canadian border only get tighter on both sides. Unpleasantly so, on the American side. A waste of effort and resources.

The Bahamas border should be duty free and much more open, but it needs some security.

Cuba is a failed state and the situation should be resolved once and for all. The communist government should be forcibly deposed and Cuba should be put into a transitional trusteeship for 30 years. The border should be open to people and goods and duty free with adequate US security.

Mexico is a failed state. Mexico is a beautiful resource rich country full of friendly hardworking people yearning to be free. It should be a rich country. However, the Mexican government is an oppressive , corrupt, kleptocracy infiltrated by the drug Cartels that run wild and control much of the country. Narco-terrorists from all over the world operate freely. Chinese goods arrive in Mexico to be polished and stamped Made in Mexico before being shipped north duty free. The Chinese don’t bother to ship fentanyl anymore, they just supply chemicals and show the Cartels how to make it. The security situation is unbearable.

We need a very closed up tight and secure border with Mexico. We need a robust border wall with strong well guarded gates. We need to stop pussyfooting around.

We probably need to establish a 10 mile wide Cartel Free Zone south of the border with a southern fence and administer it under marshal law with 50,000 US troops.

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There are a lot of confusion about who are Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants.
In many cases the term “Migrants” are used to cover all three categories, sometime because of ignorance, but more often because of a political agenda.
This doesn’t apply only in America, but is very much the case in Europe and Australia as well.

Here is the definition of Refugee and Migrants per UNHRC:

The definition of Asylum and Asylum Seekers are a bit more complicated, but here is the basic definitions:

Source: https://www.unhcr.org/449267670.pdf

This article was not written by somebody seeking advertising revenue or “klicks”, or with a specific political agenda:

I just read that CBP had 227,000 encounters in the month of September, the largest in history. The US doesn’t have enough CBP jails to house 227k new prisoners every month, doesn’t have enough buses/jets to transport 227k new border jumpers back to their country every month & doesn’t have enough judges/court spaces to determine if 227k immigrants should stay every month. On Saturday Oct 8th at a Hispanic Heritage celebration in my town I meet a new immigrant to the US who arrived in August. He was “encountered” fignger printed & given a court date on the spot for some time in 2025, I don’t remember the exact month. I didn’t ask what he was running from & seeking asylum for but I have known his sister & brother-in-law for 8 years & I’m absolutely sure it’s bullshit. The guy wanted a job, free stuff & the American dream. What gets me about it is, he’s from Mexico. Before, Mexicans couldn’t seek asylum in the US? Knowing that family & their history of fake documents & cheating I’m sure he had a binder full of fordged documents from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua or El Salvador. Probably turned himself in wearing a hat or shirt with a Cuban flag on it. When the CBP has a quarter of a million “encounters” pouring across the border every month they don’t have the time or resources to investigate. Its the “Shock & Awe” military strategy on our southern border if we want to admit it or not.

Back to the Jones Act, I get it. We are a Democrat controlled country right now & certain people feel compelled to march the party line & say the southern boarder isn’t open & give a lot of leeway to the powers that be. Just following their programming & what they are supposed to say by their favorite media outlets. I’m curious to see how programmed people act when the globalists get their way & the Jones Act is finally repealed? If it happens under “D” control will they repeat the party line & ignore the obvious? If a bunch of “R’s” sneak in a rider bill that cans the Jones Act will conservatives foot soldiers flip their opinions on the Jones Act to keep cheering for their political team? I think so for many in both groups. Too many programmed smart people who refuse to think outside their political box.

Hopefully we can get this thread back on track, support and opposition to the Jones Act cross party and ideological lines, that’s a simple fact, another simple fact is hoping for some politician or party to save us, is about as useful as waiting for Gadot.

The only ones who will save the U.S. Flag merchant marine are us, but we cant do it alone, in my experience most people, regardless of their political persuasion, tend to support the Jones Act, when they are educated about it

Yes, this will take time, money, and effort, but the other option is you lose your job, your health care, your family’s health care, your pension, and everything else this career has helped you achieve.

The choice is yours

What could be more on track than this?:

That’s rich. Sand Pebble commented on the addition of the border fiasco to the scrapping on the Jones Act as contributing to the degradation of American society. You responded that there is no border fiasco while failing to provide a shred of evidence. When your lie is exposed, you chose to sweep it under the rug so as not to upset your blind adherence to your chosen political cartel’s lies.
Yes, by all means, scurry back out of the debate to a safe place rather than risk exposure as a stereotypical democratic plantation groupie.


On the border crisis, being detained is a 2-week delay between attempts from most points in central and south America. My wife was an illegal when we met, which gave me a certain insight into how things work. My parasite brother in law visits home to see his mother and recrosses the border in TX about once every two years or so. He’s been detained twice. As I said, it’s a 2-week inconvenience logistics-wise.
My 2 cents, reduce incentives to cross AND strengthen CBP.

It’s worth remembering that illegals don’t take jobs from citizens. Lowlife employers and tax cheats give them jobs. We require a mirror if we wish to see the guilty. Many restaurants you patronize, contractors for framing, roofing and landscaping, nannies and hosekeepers, many of them compete with their peers by hiring illegals… and you pay them for doing so.
It’s not unusual for larger companies to ‘discover’ the day of an ICE raid that 50+ of their employees all have the same TIN. And nothing gets done because both major political camps like the status quo too much… not unlike the Jones Act. Keeping enforcement as a political rather than a structural tool.
I veey much like Sand Pebble’s comments. Too many people with power view the US as an economy with a country associated with it, rather thsn the other way around.


There’s not question about that. I would be first in line to cross. The irony is that while untold numbers want to come here in search of a better life, millions of our own citizens are busy trashing every positive thing we have accomplished.


Not unlike Mr. ‘CBP stopped 3.6M illegals in the last 2 years so get off your outage meth’.