U.S. Navy Opposes Repeal of Jones Act


Thursday, September 09, 2010

The news that the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Navy League support the Jones Act and oppose its repeal was applauded by Maritime Cabotage Task Force (MCTF), the national coalition representing the U.S.-flag fleet engaged in domestic waterborne commerce. Both organizations dedicated to the defense of the United States have reaffirmed their support for the law, which is directly responsible for half a million U.S. jobs and vital to national security.

In response to anti-Jones Act legislation introduced earlier this year, the U.S. Navy said, “For decades, U.S. merchant mariners have provided essential support for the U.S. Navy during times of war and national crisis. Repealing the Jones Act would remove that support at a time when we are fighting two wars and facing a continuing threat from international terrorism.”

The statement comes within days of comments from Daniel B. Branch, Jr., president of the Navy League of the United States, highlighting the importance of a “strong commercial maritime industry” to a "maritime nation [like] the United States.”

I read this as that we are vital to National Security…

Wow, those TWIC cards actually did mean something…lol

It only makes sense to those who understand what we do. All I’ve heard in support of repealing the Jones Act is the cost of providing American seamen with a decent wage and health care coverage. Sure, the shipping companies could save a ton of money by crewing their ships in North Africa, the Philippines, and other Al Queda training centers and bringing them into every port city in the US. That does not equate to lower prices for anyone else. It would be nice to assume that if one sector lowers the cost of business that they will pass on the savings and not just rake in more profits.

We may not be active duty military but we are the last line of defense for this country and handle the logistical support for the armed forces. That is not something that we should outsource to the lowest bidder.
::End Rant::