Why aren't you people discussing this?

now this is FUCKING important and should be the top discussion here


Sure hope they do it.

Congress COULD act. But likely won’t. You have to pay them to act. Unless some billionaire thinks they are losing money because of this and pays a lobbyist to deliver cash to enough politicians nothing will happen. The people employing these offshore wind contractors have money too so you’ve got to offer more money than they have.


Uh oh, the Bugge is about to comment!


Could it be that somebody looked at the rules and realized that you cannot just demand that foreign flag ships change their crew (Including Masters) to operate inside the EEZ of a country. (but in international waters)
PS> That also apply to US flag vessels operating internationally, where at least the Master HAS to be US citizen AFAIK.

Sure you can say that since the windmills they are installing are in US EEZ, only US flag vessels can do the job.
But since there are not (yet) any US vessels with the capabilities to do all the tasks required, the construction of offshore wind farm could not be done until such vessels were available.

Is it likely that anybody would invest in wind farms,until there is a way to carry out installation, or in the specialized type of vessels required, until there is a market for the type of vessels in the US?
(Unless the rules are changed to were US companies can buy second hand vessels to do the job, that is)

I know that this is already done for drillships and offshore rigs operating in US deep waters, but these are mostly, if not all, owned by US companies and registered in FOC countries that allow foreign national to command ships under their flag.

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(coughs in Australian and Brazilian Portuguese) some countries sure do…

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Congress can barely function as a civil body these days

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Brasil insist on Brazilian crews on offshore vessels that is on long term charter in Brasil, but not on vessels that are there for short jobs. Nor do they ask to replace the Masters.

I don’t know if there are any US flag offshore vessels working there on long term charter, but does the US accept foreigners as Master on US flag ships now??

The Maritime Union of Australian( MUA) does insist on EVERYBODY on foreign offshore vessels and tugs working in Australian EEZ being Australian residents and Union members.

Some foreign Owners still insist on having their own Masters and Ch.Eng. on board, even if there are also Aussies in the same positions to satisfy Union rules.(Not problem free)

I was Warranty Surveyor on a Chinese owned Semisub managed by Maersk Drilling, to approve her for the tow from China to Darwin-. There were three “Masters” simultaneously;

  • A Chinese Master from COSOL,(the “official Master”)
    _ A Scottish “Barge master” from Maersk Drilling,
    _ A Danish Superintendent/Tow master that was actually “in charge”. (Or at least “called the scores”)
    Worked fine.since everybody “knew their place”.

Many time vessels and tows from Singapore to Western Australia would call at Benoi, Bali to change crew, or in some cases the towing vessel was changed in international waters just off OZ.
The foreign tug would return without calling any Australian port.

(Costly and sometimes dangerous operation due to the powerful MUA)

I don’t think they are either civil or functional.

It is time to do away with the entire festering sore and replace it with a parliamentary system. Dump the electoral college, prohibit campaign contributions from any person or group or source other than a voter legally permitted to vote for the recipient. Limit the amount to one day of the average American hourly worker’s pay.


so the House has actually taken action and has passed proposed legislation to protect US companies and workers but why am I expecting the Turtle who is the Senate Majority Leader to not do SHIT with this?

for the love of God Above…VOTE DEMOCRAT!


Agree, which is why I hope all incumbents and the current president are reelected. Until the entire system blows up nothing will change. Reelecting the incumbents of both parties which actually represent the oligarchs, grifters and other assorted thieves might wake up the population. But then again, maybe not. The way our elected leaders handled the worst pandemic in 100 years didn’t do the trick. But it’s worth a try.

He won’t. He has hundreds of bills, many of them bipartisan bills from the House awaiting action that will die on the vine when this Congress is adjourned. All their focus now is on the new SCOTUS pick.

People are waking up. I have been voting for decades. Never have I ever seen such long lines for early voting in my life. I wouldn’t wish total collapse of the nation on us as we are very close to it right now


It really takes some balls to complain about foreign companies undercutting and manoeuvring their way into american Activities, in land and sea. When it’s exactly what US companies have been doing for decades. In my country Norway, us oil companies, cowboy outfits, tried to screw and cajole local companies and ministries into taking their jobs. If it wasn’t for the steadfastness of the locals, the fly-by-night big us oil companies would have bled the country dry. Like they did to the Scots, aided and abetted by Westminster.

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Same in Australia. Hundreds of qualified Australian and New Zealanders out of work. Govt allows foreigners in to do jobs we can do. Frustrating!

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And other countries allow Aussies to live and work there.
Imagine that!!! How unfair is that to their own citizen???
No, all Aussies mariners should stay home and join their matinees in the Union.
MAU Here to Stay!!! (home)

I think they’ve all flown to the states and got jobs in Florida. Are you aware of how many Aussie’s and New Zealander’s are working the yachts in Florida? My last class at MPT (marine training school) in Ft Lauderdale was 60% Australian.

Americans dont travel well thats why the Megayacht industry is Aussie Kiwi Brit and South African and they dont sue the owners when they cut their finger thats another reason many American owners dont have USA flag or Americans on board.

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That should read; “MUA Here to Stay”.
Stickers with that text were everywhere on any boat that returned from a stint in Oz.

It took days of work and quite a bit of money to remove those stickers and the glue from the accommodations.

PS> But not as long and as costly as to catch up on maintenance and routine repairs that had been neglected while in the “care” of the MUA members…

No idea. I have never worked in yachting industry and my manner is not suitable either. I don’t understand why they are hired if, for the same price, a US citizen can be employed. I know Kiwis have an extremely high opinion of themselves and never tire of their “we’re the best in the world” rhetoric. I’m also part Kiwi BTW, and often cringe with embarrassment. Competing against nationalities who are tax exempt is a killer, especially if they will work for low salaries.