Who's Doing Weird Maritime Stuff?

I’m always interested in hearing about the weird and wacky of the American maritime industry. I’m not necessarily talking news-worthy, mind you. I think a lot of the cool stuff that goes on in this industry flies under the radar, so essentially if it has already made it onto gCaptain’s home page and we’ve all already read about it then that’s really not what I’m asking about.

Who’s off on a survey job of some uninhabited island in the Indian ocean? Who’s doing an interesting dead-ship or barge tow across the pacific? The more unique and out of the ordinary the better!

What maritime operation have you been involved in lately that made you say “Wow, well you don’t see that every day…”?

Started typing then realized probably shouldn’t make most of these “weird” things public. Interested to see what others have to say though.

You’ve piqued my curiosity but I also think you may have made the right call. I definitely wasn’t referring to putting the mop-head on the young OS and calling him Betty Sue when those hitches offshore start to get long! :joy::rofl:

What is the first rule of fight club!?

I’m not sure but I suspect that maybe you’re not thinking about the same kind of “weird” maritime stuff that I’m talking about :thinking:

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Well, I sailed engineer on one of the early ATBs back in the 80s. . . .THAT was VERY weird. . . .