Where to find Gnomonic Charts?

Anyone have a good source where I can purchase the Gnomonic Charts used by the REC for Voyage Planning/Composite Sailing questions on the celestial exams.

Here is a catalogue. Choose the chart you want and order from Discount Nautical. The charts you are looking for are listed as Great circle charts

When I tested in Houston, the Gnomonic charts available in the testing room were not relevant to any of the sailings questions (ie that charts covered a different hemisphere than the question asked about). You either will have to know how to do the sailings by calculation or get creative and re-label the chart in the testing room to suit the geographical area of your question. I got stuck on the latitude of the vertex of a great circle (brain fart) and I wound up re-labeling the chart. By luck or by being damn good, I got it right. I’d rather be lucky than good any day!

Good Luck.

I did my C/M exam in Miami a few weeks ago. Both charts needed were in the exam room. They have to be in the exam room, or it would be impossible to answer the questions. Any calculations, (such as initial course and distance or latitude of vertex) should be done by calculations. The formulas are in Bowditch, which is in the exam room. The only charts you need are 5270 and 5274. There are approx 12 -15 questions for each chart in the CG question bank. All give an starting point and destination, then questions about your route. You can find them all in Capt Joe’s program or the Murphy books. Do each question a couple times, and they are no problem. The gnomonic chart questions should be free points. As I said, no calculations. I had one gnomonic chart question on the celestial exam.

I did mine in Seattle and the relevant gnomonic charts were in the exam room. Azimuth, you got pooched in Houston!

Yes, thanks folks for all your great help. I know they are at the REC. I just wanted to purchase my own to practice the problems in advance. The local chart store here in Galveston has ordered them for me. Thanks again.

P.S. Azimuth maybe I should bring my own to the Houston REC.