When do you think Google's going to take your job? We're training them now!

[QUOTE=john;102581]I bet we can get sweat & grease to run things in exchange for a lifetime supply of barley and hops for his home brewery plus a case of backwoods cigars :wink:

But getting Micky Arison to pay up after we save his next ship from running aground… That might be more difficult.[/QUOTE]

BACKWOODS! YES! Also, I vote Sweat & Grease for the next Secretary of Transportation AND head of MARAD at the same time! Maybe he can replace Micky Arison while he’s at it…

Chump Chagne to Carnival, call him up! Just think, a SuperPilot App would never fall into a lifeboat (without spilling a drop).

(and send a case of Cubans to S&G)

I say bring it. Then when shit breaks they can pay the engineers 3x as much to fly out and fix it. Basically I will make the same salary sitting on my tail 25 days/month.