What were your top 3 runs ashore?

Mine were ???

The reason ---- made one of the top 3 was because? -----

Yours are aptly blank, since you’ve never been offshore.


please elaborate what you are asking.

so ashore is a typo?

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I assumed so since the question makes significantly less sense as “ashore” rather than “offshore”.


Just looking for your opinion on some good port cities that members have been to and some fun/entertaining stories. @Capt_Phoenix if you want to add yours to be offshore that’s cool.

I’m not really much of a runner, I actually quite dislike the activity. Although I’ve known some people that are so into working out that they go running every chance they get in port they aren’t very common, so I don’t you’ll get many replies.

Or do you mean Wal-Mart runs? Those are always good to restock on toothpaste and such.

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Or beer runs are always good too. Especially when Shiner puts out one of their limited run beers…

(Again John… I blame you for this. :joy: )

Ooooo. I bet I can totally hijack DSDs thread here… Since I brought it up… what’s everyone’s favorite beer?

  1. Panama City, R.P.
  2. Marsh Harbor, Bahamas
  3. Tampa
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assuming money is no object…

  1. samuel adams cherry wheat
  2. stone pale ale
  3. pacifico

when money is tight (like it has been since 2015)

  1. natural daddy (8.0 percent !)
  2. Bud Ice
  3. coors
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  1. Avery Dui Cochi
  2. Paradox Skully Barrel #36
  3. Shiner Ruby Red Bird

Yeah, I’m a frue frue Colorado craft beer snob. Sue me.

On the Cheep and when I need to be hydrated:

  1. Bud Light
  2. Rolling Rock
  3. Corona

Money’s no object and you choose Pacifico?

magawd. You aren’t from the pacific northwest, are you?


I tried to run around Alameda Island once - didn’t work out so good.

not sure where you are located shipmate but in my neck of the woods if I’m lucky I may be able to get a 12 pack of pacifico for 14.99 twice a year. its great summertime beer. tecate is the only remotedly cheap mexican beer. caguama (turtle beer) out of el salvador is good cheap beer too but only kroger affiliated stores sell it I think…
during winter I love ales, porters, lambics and such. thanksgiving dinner in a bottle!

corona is on the cheap? someone must have saved their money when the oilfield was booming!

Yes on both counts - although where I grew up, you could get a bucket of Corona for a buck fity - that WAS the cheap Mexican beer, or just the cheapest beer around. Life growing up on the boarder.

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I recommend washing your hands more often, testing the water, and getting an imodium from the hospital. Always use as directed.

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I’m still gagging about the Rolling Rock. Has a horse on the label for a reason.


It’s better than Lone Star? Or PBR? At least I think it is - not as skunky

PBR is no longer low budget beer thanks to the millenial hipsters.
prime example is a bar in long beach ca that used to proudly serve pbr for years and a while ago has switched over to busch light because its cheaper.

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