What kind of essay?

I took the fall and the winter off to enjoy the Holidayswith my family and remind myself that drivin’ a big truck is just as stressfulas and even more tiring than drivin’ a towboat.
Point being I have been out of the gcaptain loop for a fewmonths, so please forgive me if I am in error in the following:
I saw something on here a couple months ago about an essaycontest tooting gcaptain’s horn.
Although I do appreciate a good essay contest, that one didnot really draw my attention.
The random common sense stuff that the average reader whodoesn’t really know too much about the marine industry can also enjoy, is thekind of stuff I enjoy reading.
I saw something on “Funny shit my captain says” about votingfor your best quote. I like that idea.
I have seen a few posts here and there that would have definitelygotten A+’s from my English Comp. teacher in high school.
And others were not fit for toilet paper.
Yet the best ones I think could make any Reader’s Digest orother publication and be published authors of some really good works ofcomposition
But I guess I will help toot the gcaptain horn and say thatfor the most part it is a great place to get online and BS with othermariners.
You can blog an essay or vent about BS at work.
You can get industry news and current events from experts chimingin.
You can get your feelings hurt if you are thin skinned.

Yeah, you guys are alright in my book I guess.


I was wondering where you had gone.

Welcome back!

Welcome back. We will try to keep the discussions about Andrie to a minimum in deference to your blood pressure…


Thanks for the welcome back fellas.

The whole time i was bouncing down the road in that big truck i never even turned the am/fm radio on. I had too much going on in my head. Didn’t even need it. Did a lot of thinking about my life, the marine industry, and what is really important to me.

Cashed in my retirement, burned the candle at both ends, and was still only just putting food on the table.

Gave me a renewed respect for the average schmuck just tryin to get by on what used to be considered middle class wages.

40-60k/yr is lower middle class at best nowadays; especially if you are the sole bread winner with a wife and three kids to feed.

I got 2 months behind on everything from the mortgage to the car payment but we never went hungry.

Had to remind myself that the only thing that changes from one job to the next is the kind of bullshit.

Work sucks then you die. Try to have fun somewhere in between.

One of the most important lesson learned for me was the pay out here is a hell of a lot better than in that big truck.

Still a good fall back though.

I can trade the mini van for a beater with a heater, sell the house, buy a trailer, and get by just fine in that big truck if the bullshit gets too thick again out here.

Gettin too old to have patience for the excessive bullshit. If you need a hot body with a license and you are payin good i am your man.

If you are an asshole looking to take out your frustrations on your subordinates i am probably not the guy you want to hire.

Must admit i have one or two fantasies involving lopping off heads with a dull fire axe. But that’s just me.
Really i am all there fellas. Trust me…

I know the gcap admin’s dont want me to even “go there” with the andrie thing but if someone starts some more shit i will be glad to chip in with my two bits.

Peace out fellas

oicur12 aka richard cranium

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Find it here http://gcaptain.com/forum/gcaptain/7465-essay-contest-5-minutes-time.html

Yes, we were in need of some testimonials at the time. It’s not too late if you’re feeling generous.

Why John called it an essay contest I have no clue. Why would anyone want to write an essay?! An ESSAY?! It took me two week to click on before I became too curious.