Want to write for gCaptain?

gCaptain is currently on the look out for talented and creative writers with a strong personal understanding of our industry. If you’re interested in becoming a contributing writer or potentially joining the gCaptain staff, please email rob@gCaptain.com directly with your resume and a sample of your writing, or a link to an article you’ve had publlshed previously.

Not sure I’m qualified, having no professional writing experience to reference, but as a cadet at Texas Maritime perhaps I could provide an interesting perspective on certain subjects.

Oh how the mind reels at the possibilities!..but then again, is the world ready for my rants in column form?

Btw, goodbye Andy Rooney…curmudgeon extraordinaire and an inspiration for 30 years.

My how I admired his eyebrows…they were simply awesome. I’ve been working on mine but have a very long way still to go.

You will be missed weathered old sage & humorously cynical fellow traveller…rest in peace


I 2nd the motion. Andy said what alot of us were thinking. A true “one off” who will NOT be replaced. Shipmate 1

Godspeed and God bless you Andy. Safe journey, sir.