What is your favorite Fireboat?

Mine has to be The Firefighter:

With a cost of $924,000 in 1938 she is the most expensive fireboat ever constructed relative to inflation. Firefighters who have worked her deck, however, will tell you the step price tag has been repaid many times over by the work she has done throughout her 70 years of service.

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Mine has to be this “Firefighter”. Not as pretty, but I’m partial nonetheless…

Mine would have to be a stablemate of the “Firefighter”, the former FDNY Fireboat “John J. Harvey”.

“John J. Harvey escorting the QE2, and the QM2 out to sea”

During 9/11, and after already being retired from active service for 7 years, she sat with a crew of volunteers, and pumped non-stop for 80 hours along with other units of the FDNY while hydrant service was restored to the area surrounding the WTC.

Now a National Historic Site, and being refurbished, she can sure use all the interest due her. Stop by, and take a look at the site, which in it’s own right has a wealth of information about FDNY’s fireboat history.

Historic Fireboat John J. Harvey Restoration Project

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The Firefighter is a beautiful looking boat!

I love the old school boats, they are classic examples of naval architecture… But they should be joining the HARVEY as museum vessels. They are slow and can pump huge volumes. Today fireboats need to take on additional roles that require greater speed, in some cases, at the expense of GPM.

I think, from a practical view, I like the idea of mounting a Main Ladder or snorkel onboard as seen in some of the newer “heavies”

I think my two favorites are the mid-size boats that are truly multi functional. Two good examples, probably my favorites are the FDNY’s KEVIN C KANE and the Seatle FD’s CHIEF SEATTLE (pictured below, photo credit-me)

Multi functional boats are probably a much better bang for the buck, but they sure loose the beautiful lines of the traditional old fireboats.

[QUOTE=john;8055]Mine has to be The Firefighter:[/QUOTE]

Here is some video of her re-commissioning:


I’d have to go with FDNY’s Firefighter. But LAFD’s Fireboat #2, the ‘Warner L. Lawrence’ would be my next favorite. Can’t wait to see the 2 Robert Allan designed boats FDNY is getting (hopefully).


John J Harvey was amazing in that the volunteers had to resort to soda bottles to plug the monitors to get water to flow through the service hydrants on 9/11. The worst fireboat has to be in the Port of New Orleans. This thing had huge glass windows and looked like a sightseeing boat.

Mine is this one : Lieutenant Gillet from France. It’s an older tug (1931). It’s actually in service on the Seine, near Paris.

Pictures here : http://www.netpompiers.fr/index.php?id=58&dossier=7



My local fireboat [I]Carl Brashear…[/I]looking for it’s namesake?

Years ago, I was working in NY Harbor and we were running light tug in the East River and The Firefighter was out for a shake down run. There was a Mega Yacht out for a cruise at the same time with a party going on. Well the Firefighter gave a Security Call that they were going to test ALL PUMPS. The Captain on the Yacht was a smart ass and said someting like make sure not to get us wet. It did not take long for someone to pipe in and say I bet you (The Firefighter) could not get them wet, The Firefighter replied I bet I can and this statement was followed with the entire upper deck of the Yacht getting soaked. I have never heard so much cheering over the VHF.

I believe the Yacht was owned by Forbes. GOD BLESS All of Our Firefighters!