What is the weather like cruising the Caribbean in October?

October is an excellent month to cruise the Caribbean Sea. Generally, winds are light to moderate coming primarily from the east and averaging 7-16 knots with the risk for encountering gale force or higher winds are 1 percent or less. Gales, when they do occur, are associated with hurricanes which can and do occur this month, mostly over the western Caribbean, eastern Gulf of Mexico and the waters east of Florida and near the Bahamas.

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Sam may disagree.


Sam will have moved well north by October 1st

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“October Weather in the Caribbean is generally nice….ohh but it’s also peak hurricane season!”

The peak of the hurricane season is September 10th. During the month of October, the most active area for tropical cyclones is the northwestern Caribbean Sea, the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the waters east of Florida to the Bahamas. In these areas there is a risk of 30-40% of having a tropical cyclone pass over at least once during the month. Over the eastern Caribbean Sea the risk is 15% or less.