What is the difference between east and west coast payscale, with MSC

Am do to start with MSC, and given the option for station in either Norfolk or San Diego… what is the difference between west and east coast salaries if any??

Thank you

Factor in a much higher housing cost here in San Diego.

So how do these salaries compare with other shipping lines, i.e. private sector?

Also, what does an OSV captain earn in GOM at the moment?

Hahaha :joy: deepening on which company, what size vessel, and who you are I’ve heard anywhere from 300-800 a day. This is the hardest question because no one will give you an honest answer and it varies so drastically from the reasons I mentioned.

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Everyone starts as an East Coast Mariner. You get to switch either through Merit Promotion or the yearly open period for Transfers for your job Title. After completing NEO you can sail out (sit in the pool) of either cost. Your Choice. Sailing out of the west coast has no accountability to which fleet you will sail with. They, MSC, will send you where needed.

There is a heck of a lot of Easties sitting in the West pool. And vise-versa.

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True the cost of living in san diego is more expensive, but that why id
live on the ship, then buy a house somewhere else

fairly competitive I think…but then again are these salaries based on working how many months a year?

from what I have heard from the few friends I have still working on OSVs, if you are making 400 a day or better you are doing pretty good…making that doing a 2/1 rotation even better.

Depends on the tonnage too. As always, bigger License = better pay and opportunities.

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Yearly base pay minus over time, ammo, cargo, penalities, or other special added awards/ compensation.

The salaries are based on 6 month sea time depending on the type of ship
and its mission

But those salaries listed are the ones youll get when on land, so
regardless your getting paid

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Since when?

what are penalties?

I ment incentives

You are letting someone pass you bad info. Usually happens right before a big disappointment in the choices we make.

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Extra pay for doing things like touching trash, working one minute into a meal hour, etc, etc…

There are codes/lists…somewhere. Just know that penalties are plentiful and are often quite substantial.