What is it like as a marine engineer?

I am a ME student and was thinking about going into Marine eng after graduation, how difficult of a field is it to jump into? what are some pros and cons about the jobs? Does the company I choose to work for make a big difference or is it relatively the same where ever? https://omegle.onl/

Like most things, marine engineer is a pretty generic term. Where you work definitely determines what you do. If you work for the Navy or it’s contractors, you’ll do something different than a commercial shipbuilder a salvage company or somewhere else.

I work on the Navy side. Some folks do heavy computational work, others do a lot of power point & programatics. Others do M&S and modelling. It’s all over the place.

As fresh from college type, apply for whatever job looks interesting and cross your fingers. When you get hired, be aware that you don’t know much about what you’re doing, and likely even less about ships. Like anything else, if you know someone it helps.

If you are feel particularly masochistic, the Navy, shipyards and prototype sites are always looking for guys to train as shift engineers in their nuke plants and new construction. Basically you go to power school and prototype with Navy junior officers, but don’t go to sea when you’re done. Being smart helps, but so does being non-white &/female.

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The real story …


Ha ha, the funniest thing I’ve seen on g capt. In a long time, thx!
I retired cme but your question leaves a lot of room to navigate. I’ll tell you it was one of the better things i accomplished and wish I’d gotten a earlier start.
How about just reading the forums here? They go back a ways and i doubt you’ll find a collection of mariners experiences this extensive anywhere else.

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Yeah, one of my favorite cartoons. . . .