What is happiness?

It is well known that Bhutan keeps a Gross National Happiness Index:

But did you know that Indonesia also has National Happiness Index?
And that index has been topped by North Maluku Province (AKA “The Spice Islands”):

It shows up that it is not having a large bank account, or owning a nice house, car or the latest gadget that makes people happy.

Here is the full article from CNA:

Most of the video appears to have been shot on Ternate, which holds the former capital of the province and the first place the Portuguese set up a trading post in the spice islands (1512):

The island is dominated by a perfectly cone-shaped volcano, which is a sight to behold when approaching by ship, as I did several times in the early 1970s:
gettyimages-545245529-612x612 (2)

Many years ago old man told me that happiness is when you love leaving home for work and when you love leaving work for home.
I am not very young myself now and I believe he was right on the money.