What does the term "common sense" mean?

Forcing one kid to eat more food when stuffed because a kid somewhere else on the planet was reportedly hungry felt more like cultural malpractice.

My mom did say"Ain’t no good is it" And the poor kids from wherever are starving.

When I as the eldest returned home from the navy my seven siblings with their well developed "boarding house reach " kept me hungry until I got back in the swing of things.

My siblings and I developed rather fast hands at dinnertime as kids… We all now at gatherings are able to avoid that until my brother serves his world famous 3 layer carrot cake. Common sense? Get it before the gettin is gone.

My Grandmother told me that she was told that she should be able to feed her family of 5 for $35 a month in the 1930s. Common Courage.
Later she told my little brother to eat his peas as there starving children in China. He responded “Let’s mail the peas to them”. Common sense.


Yea, the China and India hungry thing were mentioned rather often The only courage was my mom trying to make ends meet and for us was to eat our food and not piss our mom off if we didn’t. Feeding the five kids was a challlenge on their real or imagined navy salary at the time. Had I said “send the peas to China” would have been a well armed plate upside my head. Not common sense at the time for us kids to go against the program.

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Short and simple:

Common sense is good judgement in simple matters.

Wisdom is good judgement in complicated matters.

So you say. I think they go hand in hand. So be it .Don’t want to get in a pissing match over what it is. Using wisdom and common sense together, it would be fruitless to debate you. You have your opinion, I have mine. So what?

You are showing common sense (whatever that may be)

Thx for the first chuckle of the day Bug.