What do i do?

over this past summer i took and passed my Able bodied seaman and lifeboatman test at a local maritime training center and had all of my endorsements back to me in september from the MMC in WV. That was the first week of september. Since then i have been applying everywhere and have yet to get a call back. I have fell for a few scams along the way with these get marine jobs now web sites where they promise you that you will find something but all they do is send you an outdated list of contacts for a pretty hefty fee and then you never hear back from them. Can anyone offer me any advice? Maybe tell me what i am doing wrong? Thank you

You are in a very tough job market right now, where many people with a lot of experience are working in lesser positions…Thats who you are competing with…If this is truly what you want to do , you are going to have to work harder at making yourself stand out and give a company a reason to hire you, over some one else…Persistence and repetition may also help…


Where have you applied and what have they said and how did you apply?

Have you visited your local SIU hall?

i have applied everywhere in the gulf i think. Everytime i call they say they are not hiring at the moment or they are only accepting applications.

yea i called the SIU for information on how to join and what they told me was pretty crazy. I would have to go to this place in maryland for a couple of monthes and work for free basically to earn seniority. then once i was done i would be put on a waiting list. I would also have to pay 1500 to join.

i applied online

[QUOTE=markjp2179;22732]yea i called the SIU for information on how to join and what they told me was pretty crazy. I would have to go to this place in maryland for a couple of monthes and work for free basically to earn seniority. then once i was done i would be put on a waiting list. I would also have to pay 1500 to join.[/QUOTE]

That’s not right. That is their apprenticeship program for entry level personnel. You already have an AB, right? And A TWIC? Do you have an Basic Safety Training and RFPNW?

You should go to the nearest hall in person, with all your documents. They will tell what needs to be done from there. If you’re in Rhode Island, the nearest hall is NEW YORK
635 Fourth Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11232
(718) 499-6600

Regardless of your union stance, you need work, right? If you get work, and don’t like SIU, you can always quit later.

i dont have RFPNW because i havent had enough time on a vessel of 200 gt or more. but i do have my AB and a twic

[QUOTE=markjp2179;22733]i applied online[/QUOTE]

Mark, I know it may be difficult but applying in person, especially in the GOM makes a big difference…I know it did for me,and many others on this site…

Your post reads like a carbon copy of my situation and experience trying to get back on board. All I can say is keep trying my friend. I see boats coming and going to some degree everytime I go down the bayou. With the up coming tax proposals from Obama it doesn’t look good for much of if any bump up in drilling activity. Stick with the deep water boat companies, that is were any hiring will be if any?

ps it gets old hearing your wife berate you for not getting a job!

If you have the engine room endorsement on your m.m.d. it would get you in the pipeline faster than shooting for a deck job. You would also appreciate the chance to climb up on deck when a job opened. Another advised you to apply in person - a good tip. Best method is keep on trying.

How would one go about applying in person? Just knock on doors or would there be any specific places to see HR people, ie. job fairs, etc.?

I tryed hiring on with the union, and I hold A/B Tankerman pic DL lifeboatman and have taken STCW and RFPNW and the guy still tryed pushing the school.The school has a year just to be admitted to school and after that its about a year long with all the training and going to sea in all the departments. He told me the benifit of the school is you come out with seniorty, a B book. But I did some talking to SIU members and they told me to come up from a C book to a B book is about 180 days of sail time which is a lot less than 2 years. The union told me they were not taking on any new members, that was just 2 weeks ago.

NaS, There are several ways to go about this and end up with a favorable result…

In my case I looked up companies via the net,industry magazines and right here on gcaptain…Everytime something about came up about a company in a thread or post,I would write it down…good or bad…

I made files on about 25 of the companies, that I thought would be the best fit for me…I filled out their on line apps,made copies of those before I emailed them off, and sent resumes along with the hard copy of the application…

Then I would follow up with a phone call to see if they got them and to ask for an interview…If i couldn’t get one, I would ask them, that when I got down there if they mind if I stopped by, to at least meet them…This was very effective…

Hey, Thanks for the advice. I’ll be putting it to use in the next couple of weeks. I’m just not sure that this time of year is the best to be applying for jobs either. Maybe things will improve after the first of the year.

Anytime, let us know what happens…

This thread is a pretty close mirror to my situation as well…only I’m in the SIU already. I have a question, what exactly is RFPNW? I have an A/B ticket, TWIC card, Basic safety training, lifeboatman, and a tankermans assist., but I am lost on RFPNW.

As to being berated by the wife, it really sucks and I can totally relate at the moment.

at present…until the NMC decides otherwise??

RFPNW=ratings forming part of the navigational watch=STCW endorsement=support rating

two levels (1) full=you get to steer and look out the window (2) “lookout duties only”=you only get to look out the window.

full rating requires course, sea time and assessment training…avoid the “lookout” endorsement if possible.

this file pretty much explains it: http://www.uscg.mil/nmc/marpers/pag/14-02.pdf

They pretty much gave me the same story. I’ve got my mmd with ab-unlimited and the guy at the Tacoma hall told me a very similar line. This was after my 325 dollar physical and whiz quiz. I didn’t finish the thing in time, due to an “expedited relocation”. All I had to do was to get the TB shot checked out and would’ve finished the thing. I’m not about to dump another 300 just so I can rot at the hall. I’ve got 4 mouths to feed.